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  • I lost my password. Forums will only tell me how to Recover it after I’ve logged on. But..

    1) when I ltry to og onto WP with my iPad app using this e-mail, it says there is no account. (There is — I keep getting New User Notifications at the e-mail address.)
    2) when I try to get a new password, it says there is no account for this e-mail
    3) When I go to Account Recovery Form, it says that if I can get e=mail, I should go to Password Recovery
    4) When I go to Password Recovery, it says…

    How does one go about just getting a simple lost password to log onto an existing website to update it?

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  • bemdesign


    Do you have access to the database? If so you can reset your password using a tool like PHPMyAdmin to directly change data in your user account. See https://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password#Through_phpMyAdmin for details.

    this is what i can’t understand. without your password, you have access to no9thing. you cannot reset your password on a database that requires your password to access. and i cannot use “forgot my password” because the system does not recognize my e-mail, even though it is sending me New User Registration e-mails.


    Patrick Nommensen
    Multisite Master


    Do you have FTP access to view your wp-config.php file? If so, you can grab the database username and password from that file to access your database and change your email address and password.

    There is no Live Support. WordPress.org is an open source project supported by the community. If you need additional assistance you can check out http://jobs.wordpress.net.

    Mark Senff


    this is what i can’t understand. without your password, you have access to no9thing

    You don’t need your WordPress admin password to access the database (where you can reset your password).

    Thank you for your help. Now if I might…

    How do I access the database without my password. I’m really in the dark here and need a step by step.

    Once I’ve done that, where will I find my password?

    Mark Senff


    See bemdesign‘s post above for details.

    To access your database depends on your host. Or, if you’re using a local install, you can probably access it at http://localhost/phpmyadmin

    You can access your database from your hosting. Which hosting are you using?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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