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  • Hi all,

    Suddenly 4 pages disappeared from my WordPress. The pages are gone from the front-end and also from the back-end page listing.

    The strange thing is that the number of pages at the top of the back-end page listing is correct. It says 21 pages but if I count hem I get 17 pages. One of the lost pages has a child which now shows an error because it’s parent is gone.

    If I check out myphp admin the pages are still there so I would say there is a conflict between the database and WordPress. However all tables of the database are ok and I even repaired them.

    I allready tried:

    1. print_r all pages – The are not there
    2. repair tables in database – No solution there
    3. Check for back-end pagination of the page list – not happening
    4. I checked the trash – not there
    5. The database entries are set to publish

    Anybody An idea?


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  • Ok, it keeps getting weirder.

    Because I could not find the cause I just took all the data from the database and recreated the pages.

    Now, again pages are disappearing from the front-end and the back-end. The same characteristics as listed above apply but I found out some more details:

    1. When I enter the url for page editing and use the id of the missing page, I can fully edit it. Unfortunately it still does not appear on front- or back-end, going back to revisions doesn’t change anything
    2. No plugins were installed prior to the bug
    3. If I remove all the content it still does not appear
    4. The Plugin “My Page Order” (installed after the bug first came up) does list the missing pages. Deactivating it does not change anything
    5. I Use the “User Access Manager” plugin. Deactivating it does not change anything

    Any suggestions? Could it be security related (hack or virus?) or some setting/bug?

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