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  • I am changed my website WordPress theme. Now lost my website traffic from search engine(google), anyone please help me

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  • You’ll have to provide a lot more detail than that. For example what theme did you used to have and what theme do you have now?

    Are you using a plugin for SEO?

    i am converted to xhtml to html5,

    yes yoast plugin for seo

    may i can recover old website traffic?



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    how are you measuring the lost traffic?
    if are you using google analytics,
    have you moved the necessary code into the new theme ?
    (unless you are using a plugin for the analytics code)

    is the seo plugin new, or did you have it before the theme change?

    my old theme (xhtml) is free wordpress theme, now( html5) its premium theme, keeping old theme layout style, seo plugin is not new.

    this is my first time..

    Please help me, still my website is down….



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    my website is down….

    what happened from ‘lost my website traffic’ to ‘website is down’?
    is that the same problem?

    please post a link to your site to illustrate what is going on.

    now( html5) its premium theme

    have you contacted the seller of that premium theme and asked for support?

    its given by my friend.. he is also looking whats problem 🙁
    so sad…:(

    Amar Ilindra


    I too faced similar problem when i changed theme in one of my site Geek Dashboard but my Alexa rank is decreasing now

    @android Capture

    how is your traffic now?

    when it happened ?

    some seo plugins are not friend for wordpress, i think.



    maybe it is because of the heirarchy of the heading tags i.e. h1, h2 tags and some other html elements that changed when you switched to a new theme. Also there could be extra unnecessary widgets that could be bleeding away the link juice.

    or sometimes, it just takes a while before you recover your traffic.

    I don’t know if this helps at all, but we haven’t changed our website in Years (5+). There apparently was a shift in the Google Algorithm a few months back and our conversion/traffic went way down. (That one was a NON-Wordpress site. It wasn’t spammy, and there was no advertising on it. All we advertised was a service that we provided for a particular area. That is it. Like I said, it has been very steady and very consistent up until a few months ago, and then it hit a HUGE decline.

    I have seen this before, with clients of ours too, and the Google shifts.

    Sometimes they (Google) re-tweak the algorithm and things come back, but it can take a few months.

    I realize that this may not ‘fix’ your issue (or mine), but hopefully it can provide a possible reason for the decline, some hope, and some piece of mind that what you have done may have had nothing to do with it.

    Wish I had more to offer.

    You mentioned that the theme was given to you by a friend. Make sure that it isnt an pirated premium theme, those often include spammy footer links. As for aything seo related, I’d recommend you to get an google webmaster account. This will give you several diagnostic options like
    – keyword checking
    – backlinks,indexed pages, malware alarms, etc

    Yeah there could be spammy footer links, but anyone can make them nofollow by adding simple wp external links plugin. Nobody knows here why em recommending thesis, first use that and after that you will know what i was saying.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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