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  • Hi guys

    I have updated my WP to 2.8 today. When I try to edit or add new posts i get the usual text editor but the existing posts is only shown with white text color on a white background in HTML, so I can only see it if I mark everything. If activate “Visual” I get the HTML formatted post shown and the text editor-bar is missing.

    How can I resolve this?

    Please see this picture for an visual explanation of the problem:

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  • same problem. how to fix it?

    me too. I’m going back to 2.71

    i backed up my files. should i just upload them all and everything would be fine or do i have to change anything in the database?

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    Hmmm, there must be some better way to do this? What happens the next time an update is released?

    Also having trouble with 2.8:

    In Edit Post, the toolbar (bold, add link, etc) is gone.

    Also, post text only appears after I click HTML and then click back to VISUAL – then all HTML tags appear as well.

    Anyone else having troubles with this?



    Also posted at:

    Having the exact same problem here.

    I’m having the same problem. I can only access the HTML editor, clicking on “Visual” does nothing. I have a white page with white text so I can’t see as I’m typing, can only see if I highlight the text.

    I used WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.5 to perform the upgrade, and it looks like I’m not the only one. Perhaps there is a link between the two, and maybe a way we can fix whatever mistake was made in the upgrade so I don’t have to re-install WordPress 2.8 and reload all of my plugins. I think for now I’ll go back to 2.7.1 using the backup I made.

    Thanks for your help!

    Same thing, is there a fix?

    I am using Firefox 3.0.10 in Windows 7 Beta. Also doesn’t work in Google Chrome or IE8. IE8 pulls up a debugging message when I try to create a new post. Also, I can click on the icons on the left pane, but when I hover there are no options available. For example, I can click on the Pushipin icon for posts, but I can’t select “new post” as no sub-menu shows up.

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    I am using firefox for my installation just FYI.

    Same problem here!

    I’m another person with the same problem, running on Firefox 3.0.10. I opened IE 7, and had the same problem. Would love to know the resolution to this!

    My text is behaving the same as Joe Lange above, when click to HTML and back again. No graphics are showing, hashtags and html coding visible.

    Would love to know the solution to this!

    I’m getting the same error. Any help with how to manually install or going back to 2.7.1 would be great. Until then, my plan is to check back in a couple days when wp fixes it..

    I was having the same issues after using the “automatic upgrade” plugin to download WP 2.8. The following steps resolved issue for me:

    STEP 1: Back up!
    STEP 2: Deleted wp-admin & wp-includes folder from root directory
    STEP 3: Downloaded latest wordpress version (2.8)
    STEP 4: Uploaded wp-admin & wp-includes folders to root directory
    STEP 5: Everything works great!

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