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  • A few months ago I lost the old stats of my blog. The old before I moved to used to be integrated along with the stats of JetPack just fine, showing the correct totals and record highs (with dates).

    However, jetpack stopped integrating these stats (along with other ones) a ew months ago. i don’t know the exact date, but the counter had reset to only display stats from last summer onwards, and omitted all stats predating that.

    In attempting to fix this, I logged out then logged back into (from JetPack) because I read somewhere on the forum that this sometimes resolves the issue. But then I lost all stats, old and new.

    This is my blog’s site:


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  • I was just checking my dashboard trying to find my blog’s ID. I was shocked to find out that another blog was there under “My Blogs” section. That blog is called and I have no idea who and what that is. I’m very sure it’s not mine and I’ve never even heard about it before, but that name links directly to my blog.

    I tried googling it and came up with a name change on for it on 8\24\2012, which is probably around the same time my old stats stopped getting integrated into my JetPack stats.

    This is weird. I don’t know this site, but it’s showing on my dashboard, and it links directly to my blog.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault



    As this was taken care of when you contacted us on I’ll mark this as resolved.

    Hi Richard.

    The problem hasn’t been resolved. I contacted on another matter. A stranger’s blog was appearing on my list, and it was messing up my account. They helped me delete that stranger’s blog, but my stat problem here on .org is still pending.

    As of now, I’ve lost all of stats over the past 3 years. The counter has reset to 10-15 days ago, and started counting from zero.

    So to summarize. My problem is still here.


    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi there,

    Did you ever change your site’s URL? For example, was it ever once something like and you changed it to ? Any change in the URL might have caused this issue.

    If you did change it, please let me know what the old URL was. If you didn’t change it, I’ll dig into it some more.

    Hi Richard,

    No I haven’t changed it. It’s always been But for the first year I was on (with the name, then moved to .org two years ago.

    My stats first disappeared last August. Then a strange blog appeared in “My Blogs” list. That blog is genuine, but it wasn’t mine, and I hadn’t even heard about it before it appeared on my list.

    When I did a google search, it showed me that the url of my blog was changed into that stranger’s blog (last August).

    I still had a fair amount of stats at the time, only my 1st year was lost.

    But a few weeks ago, everything disappeared, and I can’t get them back. I deleted that blog, with the help of (cause it wasn’t allowing me to do it on my own though my dashboard).

    My host has been the same since I moved to .org, and I have no clue what’s wrong. I haven’t changed anything. My url has always been the same (1st on then on .org).

    But still for some weird reason, changed the name on 8/24/2012 to that stranger’s blog. I only found about the url name change when I googled that blog.

    As for me, things looked the same. Nothing on my dash board reflected any change. Even that strange blog didn’t appear on “My Blogs” list till much later (I would guess last month).

    Thanks for the help.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Thanks for the info. I’m looking into it on our end.

    Thank you Richard.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi there buz fairy. I have some news for you.

    I can attempt to recover the stats for you by merging from the 2 different blog ids, but doing so may cause odd results (for example, it may appear that you’ve had only 1 indidivual visitor who visited your site many multiple times, pre-merger). Do you want me to attempt this fix for you?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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