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  • Hi-
    I have been trying to learn WP by just doing things here and there within the control panel to change the template I was using to the way I wanted it to be. Somewhere along the line, I think I deleted something. Now, when it opens on my very first page (at my URL), it has all the graphics I added to the theme, but the body says “Sorry page not found”. All my other pages are there though. I am not sure how to get it back, I think it is pretty important but I don’t want to go messing around with files. I know barely enough to be VERY dangerous for my future WP projects!

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  • Did you try switch to default theme? If it work fine, check a query syntax in your theme.

    Yes try Default theme. I think you have deleted your posts.

    I switched over and got the same message. I ended up with 2 Home page tabs. I got rid of one, obviously it was the one I needed. Home is associated with the actual URL so I think I need to restore that. What do you think? Anyone?

    my posts are there, but my home page is not.

    You have set your recent posts as a homepage thats why it is showing it on the homepage.

    OMG…I’m experiencing a similar Emergency, though for different reasons. My homepage is all screwed up ( I was attempting to add a social network code to my home page byline (Thesis template, using thesis openhook. This was the code:

    <span class=’st_facebook_buttons’ st_title='{TITLE}’ st_url='{URL}’ displayText=’share’></span><span class=’st_twitter_buttons’ st_title='{TITLE}’ st_url='{URL}’ displayText=’share’></span><span class=’st_email_buttons’ st_title='{TITLE}’ st_url='{URL}’ displayText=’share’></span><span class=’st_sharethis_buttons’ st_title='{TITLE}’ st_url='{URL}’ displayText=’share’></span>

    Upon doing this, it totally messed up my homepage and I have been unable to regain the original format (even after unstalling the plugin).


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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