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  • gilcastilla


    I created a new wordpress account on 06/18/11. I had several pages and posts over the past 10 days. I really liked my blog so much that my wife asked me to start her wordpress account. So earlier tonight I created a similar site.

    After I finished the “bones” of her site, creating the blank pages and creating the appropriate menu for her site. I went to compare hers to my existing site and it looked just like hers.

    I immediately double checked the URL and hers over wrote all my content. Even tough the URL is correct, the redirection is to her WordPress account. Mine has vanished and I can no longer even log into wordpress with my username or email and PW.

    Any suggestions about recovering the missing pages and posts?

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  • webjunk


    Would help greatly if we had links to those websites. ANd is this a self-hosted wordpress or on



    okay, after some investigation, I learned that I was sharing the same database, between the two WordPress accounts which cause the new WP account to overwrite the Old.

    Through my host provider, I was able to roll-back 24 hour and restore my original Database. Which is still in the process as we speak, because coincidentally, they are experiencing issues with MySQL.

    I fully expect to restore all my content and pages. Update to follow.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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