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  • Please send me some feedback on this topic. I forgot to record my password for my admin
    for my website. Now I cannot get in to edit my site. What do I do? I tried to re login on
    getting a new password and got nowhere, because I had the same profile address for
    my email which creates a word press errror! Help! Thanks any feedback to correct this
    or how to access or shortcut this troubleshooting problem is appreciated.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Got phpmyadmin on your website cpanel ?
    If so, this will do the trick:

    If you are handy with Mysql you can go into there and select “USERS”. Im not sure if WP encrypts, I would suspect not. You can get eth username and password from there or change your email address.
    Or… Is there a file that can be reinstalled that wil wipe out just the log in feature? Im not to hip with WP.
    I had the same issue but realized I logged in as ADMIN originally and after re-gaining an interest in my blog had forgotten that although the uername is Admin I made it show as MILKFED from the profile… I have to log in as ADMIN though, not Milkfed.
    Sorry if none of this was any help…

    As an addition to the new release of WP, a ‘send my password’ feature would be handy.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Isn’t it there already ?
    Fill in your email, lose your password, click to send it to you.

    I had the same problem once, but I did not setup my email-address…..
    WP encrypts its passwords, so you cannot just look it up in mysql.
    1 – Create a new account and remember it’s password (let’s call that account 2)
    2 – Look up the encrypted password for account 2 in the mysql-table
    3 – Overwrite the encrypted admin password with the encrypted password of account 2.
    4 – admin now has the same password as account 2.

    thanks for the PHPMYadmin info.. It worked great. I couldn’t get the new emailed password to work .. There was no login only a password emailed to me. But it failed to work.. The PHPMYADMIN worked 🙂

    MD5 encryption, if you want to know. You can find site where you can have your passwords md5 encrypted.

    Oh, if only I had read this before I deleted my entire install.

    I had exactly the same problem, though it was right when I installed the first time, so I didn’t lose anything (i had imported everything, and still had the file of course). I kept my newly fomatted, index.php and stylesheet, so it worked out.
    Lesson learned: change your password really, really fast.

    It’s easy
    in mysql, find the wp_users table in your database
    use a tool like md5sum in linux to generate new password
    it’s that simple!
    but for me, somehow I had a corrupted wordpress install, had to upgrade

    If you have access to your MySQL server either through the command line or other interface of some kind, execute the following query:

    UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass=md5('new_password') WHERE user_login='admin';

    Where new_password is your choice of password.

    the username and password you are using may indeed be correct.

    It is important to note that zonealarm (firewall) can prevent loging in, even with user and pass is correct. Generally, in zonealarm you need to allow cookies and/or stop ad and popup blocking. For more info, search these forums with the keyword zonealarm.

    I used the lost password feature and workpress send me this email with this senctence only. There is no password.

    Password Lost and Changed for user: admin

    I’m not a php programmer, but I have traced the zone alarm problem this far:
    if animations or popups are check marked the log in is redirected back to login
    Maybe the project people can help, I think maybe this redirect, could be the culprit, and any popup blocker should cause this same problem.
    if not then the cause of the redirect must be the routines that are looking for something else that ZA blocks at same time a popup or animation is commonly blocked.

    In addition to the solution of RolandU, if you have registering of users turned off: In phpMyAdmin go to wp_options and set ‘users_can_register’ to 1.

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