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[Resolved] Lost Most Events in transition…

  • Hello,
    I was running Events Manager 3.0.9 and once I upgraded to wordpress 3.5 I wasnt able to add any events, so I attempted to upgrade to 5.3. Once I did that I got an error message saying I needed to upgrade to 4.30 before I upgrade to 5.3. I noticed that all my events were gone too. I did the import tool and I only got events up until jan. 2011 which is probably the last time I updated. I tryed all types of restores and when I reverted back to 3.0.9 I still was only able to pull up those events from 2010. I also did a restore from my hosting account and got the same result. Is there any way I can recover my events from 2011-2013??? Are they stored some where that I can restore? Did I not upgrade properly? Is another plugin hendering this? HELP! Q.


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    Marcus, I successfully upgraded to v5 but I still cant get my version 3 events to show up. The only events that show up are the version 2 events. How do I get in the database and change the trigger?

    Also, I have restored my website back to 3.0.9 (Before I fully upgraded to 5) and my version 3 events still didnt show. I followed steps up to 5 and still I have no Ver. 3 events.


    Please let me know what I can do. Even if I have to give you my credentials and pay. I lost two years worth of events…I have a big event this weekend that I cannot recover. I need help as soon as you can please. Thanks Q.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    do you have any database backups? I’d recommend restoring the site to before and upgrading following those exact steps, since you upgraded to v5 first time, you probably set dbem_Version to 5 and the update to v4 didn’t migrate properly.

    Otherwise, try resetting your dbem_version to 3, and try again.

    i.e. visit yoursite.com/wp-admin/options.php and find/chagne dbem_version

    Ive actually tried the database backups and the Dbem version reads 3.0.9 (Last version I could see my events with), BUT it seems as if its still trying to use the version 5 settings based on the actual website (www.Qmooremusic.com/enter/events)… I dont know what else to do…

    Also, My events from 2 have imported all across the board….The version 3 events have been missing since I tried to upgrade, and even when I revert back to 3 I cant even view those events. I even reset the Dbem to the 3 version I was using and still no luck on recovering those events…I hope the 2 version import didnt overwrite them…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    have you checked your database table? previous to v5, all EM info was stored in the wp_em_… tables, event info specifically in wp_em_event and wp_em_meta (the second table didn’t exist until at least v3, maybe even v4)

    How do you check the Database tables?

    I’m looking at the possibility of migrating from Tribe’s Event Manager Pro. Has anyone successfully done that same migration? Is there a recommended migration path?

    OK, I have found a backup file (.sql) that has my events in it. How do I overwrite my current SQL with that file? I dont know how to find my current SQL or where it is located…

    OK I have solved my problem!

    Problem: Upgraded Straight from Version 3 to 5 and lost events. When I went to Backup I created, I was overwriting the files/folders in my host control panel and still couldnt recover events. Although I had restored files and folders from the backup, the Database was still trying to use Version 5 to display version 3 events.

    Solution: I Restored my database with a backup through PhpMyAdmin in my Host control panel. I wasnt properly restoring my database (I was restoring the files). After I restored the database, My events showed up again and I upgraded from 3 to 4, then 5. Everything is working normal now! Thanks For everyone’s help!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @hilleary (i assume you mean events calendar pro?) afaik there are no migrations between other plugins to EM atm.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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