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    Yesterday, out of the blue, I lost over 20 of my 44 pages, three categories were gone and about 100 of 250 posts. Also my linkroll was messed up.
    I did NOT:
    – do an update of WP (still testing 2.8.5. on my testsite)
    – install a new plugin or update one

    I did:
    – make one new post
    – change one existing page
    – make a WP XML dump through Admin
    – test my blog with xenu.exe (linkchecker)

    That’s when I saw it go wrong. Xenu found too many links to check (you see the number during the process).I got all sort of missing links to or from revision pages (never saw them before)

    At that moment the site missed as described a lot of stuf.

    Checkin the DB in MyPlesk: I saw in the posts table, when sorting by post date, a lot of newest-dates were for posts of the type “revision” and these were older posts that I had not openend in months.

    What I did:
    – run the Exploit scanner; nothing special found
    – running local Malwarebytes antiMalware; quick scan nothing found; full scan still running
    – uploaded fresh wp through FTP
    – luckily my host had a “late previous night” backup and put that online
    Strange enough a two days old post was missing from there.

    Any thoughts out there on what happend??? Please shed some light; for a big but non commercial site this is taking far too much time keeping WP safe, uptodate, backed up etc. I am more a content orientated man, not a software guru.

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  • So the posts/pages/categories are actually missing from the database tables? If so then might need to restore your database and if you don’t have a database backup ask your host if they have one. If they are missing from the database you might also mention that to your host.

    If the posts/pages/categories are in your database, try repairing your tables. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, try deactivating all plugins. Also, have you tried switching to the WordPress Default theme to see if that works?

    Note that that revision records are used to maintain revisions of posts and pages.

    Thanks for responding Michael.
    Yes, the posts/pages/categories were actually missing from the database. I flipped through the posts table in Plesk and could not see certain posts and some categories. Also te amount of space on the server used was some 9 mB lower (on ca. 206 mB)

    Yes, allthough I did not do any update or install a new plugin, I switched to the default theme and de-activated all my plugins. I missed the same posts/ categories etc.

    I then contacted my hosts support and they did a repair/optimize:
    [root@aphrodite mysql]# mysqlcheck -u admin -pxxxx -r wordpress
    wordpress.wp_comments OK
    wordpress.wp_dmsguestbook OK
    wordpress.wp_links OK
    etc etc

    Since that produced no result, they advised to put back on their previous late night backup and I said yes please. (I had an XML dump from about an hour before it happend but i did not trust myself anymore.)

    Strange enough a two days old post was missing from there and (of course) one new one; but I was good to go again.

    So the site is rather quick back on and complete, but my main worry is: what happend and will it happen again?
    Nothing the same found in the search too.

    what happend and will it happen again?

    Not quite sure…maybe your host has a better answer.

    That’s why database backups are important.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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