Lost images in WPPA when upgrade to Multisite (5 posts)

  1. scrapcan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    We jsut updated our WP installation to use multisite and the photo albums under WPPA are now not workign. the albums construct and databases construct under the proper site number, but no images appear for thumbnails and no images are linked in albums.

    what do I need to do to restore the funtionality of WPPA. All plugins have been updated to current. All 0plugins have been disabled and individually activated to look for incompatibility. None borne out. The install worked flawlessly prior to the switch to allow multisite.

    Host is godaddy.com, but htat is another story.

    website is http://www.wyasc.com. you can view the photos&video page to see what is up.

    All help is appreciated.

  2. What's WPPA?

  3. scrapcan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry should have spelled it out first. WP Photo Album Plus. Version 4.3.1

    WP is version 3.3.1

  4. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-photo-album-plus/

    Right :) Okay the plugin DOES say it's MultiSite usable. I'm going to tag this for the plugin author :)

  5. Jacob N. Breetvelt
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You are most likely updating from a very old version.

    The multisite files are located in blogs.dir while the single site files are located in the uploads directory.

    Move the dir wppa to blogs.dir/1 (?)

    See the code below, and/or the last table (wppa and php config) of the settings page.

    if ( ! defined( 'WPPA_UPLOAD') ) {
    		if ( is_multisite() ) {
    			define( 'WPPA_UPLOAD', 'wp-content/blogs.dir/'.$blog_id);
    			define( 'WPPA_UPLOAD_PATH', ABSPATH.WPPA_UPLOAD.'/wppa');
    			define( 'WPPA_UPLOAD_URL', get_bloginfo('wpurl').'/'.WPPA_UPLOAD.'/wppa');
    			define( 'WPPA_DEPOT', 'wp-content/blogs.dir/'.$blog_id.'/wppa-depot' );
    			define( 'WPPA_DEPOT_URL', get_bloginfo('wpurl').'/'.WPPA_DEPOT );
    		else {
    			define( 'WPPA_UPLOAD', 'wp-content/uploads');
    			define( 'WPPA_UPLOAD_PATH', ABSPATH.WPPA_UPLOAD.'/wppa' );
    			define( 'WPPA_UPLOAD_URL', get_bloginfo('wpurl').'/'.WPPA_UPLOAD.'/wppa' );
    			$user = is_user_logged_in() ? '/'.wppa_get_user() : '';
    			define( 'WPPA_DEPOT', 'wp-content/wppa-depot'.$user );
    			define( 'WPPA_DEPOT_URL', get_bloginfo('wpurl').'/'.WPPA_DEPOT );

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