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  • First of all, I want to thank the author for taking such great care of this theme for us!! Most of the free themes haven’t been updated in years. And this also has several customizations! WOW!

    How can I insert the updates without losing my header and footer (customizations)? I added the latest update and lost them. I am not sure if I lost anything else.
    Should I deactivate it first, would that help?

    Thanks!!!! Mary

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  • You should be using a child theme.

    Does this theme have them available? I haven’t seen them.

    Thanks Mary

    Unless your theme author happens to make a child theme (most do not), you can easily make one per:

    If you’ve made changes to your theme files, you will need to move them to the Child Theme. Also note that theme settings and options won’t all transfer to a child theme – so you’ll have to redo them.

    (BTW, your comment above “Most of the free themes haven’t been updated in years.” is not at all correct…)

    Thank you for your response. I am so new, I was looking for an easy solution. I tried child themes on weaver and couldn’t figure it out.

    The free themes that I liked, several of them, have not been updated in 2 years.

    I am using one now that hasn’t been updated in a year and a half.

    And changing to atahualupa occurred because a theme I was using broke because it hasn’t been updated in almost 3 years.

    So it seemed that the free themes arent such a good idea—-or it just could be BAD LUCK—-if you believe in that sort of thing.
    Best Wishes, Mary



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    or it just could be BAD LUCK

    Yes. FWIW, I currently have 22 free themes available for people to download – 4 of which are in the WPORG Theme Repository. Every one is updated regularly. Most theme developers I know adopt similar upgrade practices with their free themes. In fact, unlike themes hosted elsewhere, any theme updated to WPORG must undergo a very strict quality review – both on submission and at every update. And the WPORG Theme Repository is the only theme source I know that actually highlights themes that have not been updated for 2 years or more and excludes them from searches. Which is more than I could say for some other theme resources

    All in all, the WPORG Theme Repository is still the best place to find free, high quality, themes built to WPORG standards..

    Yes, unfortunate luck, I’d say, sorry that’s been the case. Generally, looking at the number of downloads, how recently and how often a theme has been updated in the past, how long it’s been around and how active the developer is on the theme-specific sub-forums can be some indication. But hopefully, that’s behind you now :).

    Thats great to know, and thank you both for your correspondence, it is really appreciated.
    I was a bit disillusioned and thought that free themes were not a viable option, just a beginning phase..

    I meant no offense.
    I have great respect for all your hard work and creativity!

    Now that I am online, I REALLY understand the hard work behing EVERYTHING!

    Thanks again, Mary

    LOL – no offense taken – that’s why we do what we do – and it’s certainly understandable to be a bit disillusioned when you’ve had some bad experiences. But really, there are some amazing themes and extraordinarily dedicated and generous developers around here (esmi being one). You’re welcome too :).

    From the forum at bytes for all:

    To Upgrade the theme
    1) download the new version of the theme
    2) unzip the file)
    3) copy any images you have added in a prior release to the ‘images/header’ folder
    4) if you have added any other files (templates, icons) copy them to the same folder in the new version
    5) Make sure the Atahualpa folder is named with the version number i.e atahualpa344
    6) upload the folder to the ‘wordpress/wp-contents/themes’ folder at your host
    7) get on the backend of your site and go to Dashboard->Appearances->Themes and activate the new version
    8) all done

    You can now check out the new version. If something is wrong, you can simply go back to Dashboard->Appearances->Themes and re-activate the prior version.

    As of version 3.7.11 you can put your have your header images, logo and favicon saved. Checkout the directions at

    I updated to Atahualpa 3.7.13 and I lost header/footer
    I didn’t change the files and the settings are in the atahualpa options, but the header (which has the navigation bar in it) don’t show.
    Please help!
    Thank you,

    It will help very much to reactivate the prior version, but I can’t find the way to do it.
    Thanks again,

    I feel for you, I have been there.

    Even if you activate the prior version, you will still want the updates. Do you have backups of the header and footer?

    I lost them twice with no back up. Finally, I went to ODESK. For a few bucks a developer put in a child theme and it protected those customizations.
    I worked with Alfryngel Beltran and he did a great job.

    Good luck. Mary

    Hi, Mary,

    No need for a child theme in my case – I hadn’t change the code.

    Here is the fix:

    Thanks so much,

    As of Atahualpa 3.7.12 there is an option to move the header images, favicon and logo to a folder in wp-content. This will save them over an upgrade.

    as of version 3.7.13 you can have full width headers and/or footers – When you upgrade to 3.7.13 go to the ‘Style & edit HEADER AREA’ option and hit the ‘SAVE’ button and go to the ‘Style & edit FOOTER’ option and hit the ‘SAVE’ button and your headers and footers will appear.

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