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Lost Google traffic after WordPress 3.8.3 update

  • Hello. My site’s Google traffic plummeted when it auto-upgraded to WordPress 3.8.3 on April 15th. No major activities in my site happened that time except for the version update, so I’m assuming it’s the primary reason for my site to get de-indexed. My posts totally disappeared from Google search results beginning April 16th, and my traffic hasn’t recovered up to this writing.

    Is there any way to avoid getting de-indexed by Google when WordPress auto-updates to another version? Thanks. 🙂

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  • esmi


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    so I’m assuming it’s the primary reason for my site to get de-indexed

    I’m sorry but it isn’t – unless your site collapsed and you didn’t fix it for a prolonged period. Updating WordPress will have no impact on your SEO.

    Hi Esmi. How long is “prolonged period”? Since my traffic dropped I’ve been monitoring my site’s progress every day and I did not experience any prolonged site downtime since then.



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    How long is “prolonged period”?


    Hmm. I don’t think my site’s down for weeks. I’m wondering why my traffic suddenly dropped without me doing any major overhaul on the site. After I received the WP auto-update email notification on April 15th, the plummet immediately took effect the next day.



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    I have no idea what caused this but it won’t have been the WordPress update. You need to look elsewhere.

    May be there is a Google Panda Update , You should check it out because a wordpress don’t have any effect on search engines results.

    If you use Google Analytics to track traffic. Check out this free tool that pulls in your traffic data and overlays Google changes. It will show you if your traffic was affected by a Google update/change.


    Not affiliated with them, just an awesome tool.

    I have the exact same issue, the traffic coming from Google is nearly ZERO now. I’m still on 3.8.3 even today in December 2014 because I just HATE WordPress updates. These guys just keep pushing too many updates too often and with every new “update” seems to create some new problems, some incompatibilities, some feature removals, etc….

    So now I’m finally thinking about doing a WP downgrade but before that I wanted to see if anyone else ran into these issues with 3.8.3.

    I basically suspect ONLY 2 things: 1 – WordPress 3.8.3 itself and 2 – Google XML Sitemaps Plugin which also went through some crazy updates in the same period.

    It’s almost as if they say “ohh back at version 3.8 we were stupid, now we are smart, 3.8.1 is the best”, a few weeks later, ohh 3.8.1 we were stupid too, we just found more bugs, now 3.8.2 we are smart, we fixed everything, ohhh now we bring you 3.8.3! 3.8.2 was stupid too…
    OMG enough already with your God damn retarded “updates” that most of us don’t even want!



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    Using an outdated version of WP is a significant security risk. Sorry you don’t like updating, but getting hacked will be a much bigger hassle. WordPress updates are not a cause of dropping SEO – but as mentioned above Google makes periodic changes that can have a very big effect. For help with the plugin you mention, you should ask on their forum – one of these?


    Go to the plugins specific page, click on the support tab and scroll down to post there.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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