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  • I seam to have lost the ability to move menus(re-order) in nav-menus.php in the admin section.

    Anyone else have the same problem?
    I’ve done the normal deactivate plugins and fresh install of WP….

    Site :

    ERROR in chrome :
    Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined nav-menus.php:25
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘widget’ of undefined jquery.ImageColorPicker.js:208
    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (a,c,d){var e=a.split(“.”)[0],f;a=a.split(“.”)[1];f=e+”-“+a;if(!d){d=c;c=b.Widget}b.expr[“:”][f]=function(h){return!!,
    a)};b[e]=b[e]||{};b[e][a]=function(h,g){arguments.length&&this._createWidget(h,g)};c=new c;c.options=b.extend(true,{},c.options);b[e][a].prototype=b.extend(true,c,{namespace:e,widgetName:a,widgetEventPrefix:b[e][a].prototype.widgetEventPrefix||a,widgetBaseClass:f},d);b.widget.bridge(a,b[e][a])} has no method ‘extend’ load-scripts.php:348

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    Sorry, but you’re using a premium/paid theme from Theme Forest. It’s best to go to the support site where you bought the theme for help with customizations and issues. These forums are for themes available in the WordPress theme directory at

    Your theme loads 27 scripts and I see 4 JS errors alone; the theme must not be 3.5 compatible. Switch to twentyeleve for a minute and see if you regain menu functions.

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