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  • Let me also add that twitter and pinterest are broken as well.

    Same here. Facebook links are gone and I had troubles at another blog posting to Twitter and LinkedIn.

    When I hit the button it downloaded a “Sharer” file instead of posting.

    Same here.

    Same here.

    Hmm. I also emailed the official Share This page as well and will let you know of any updated info if it comes through there first. Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon :-/?

    Mine’s fixed. How about everyone else?


    I had to refresh the caches but it does like they’re back up! Hopefully for good this time :-).

    I’ll be testing out the sharing buttons over the next few days to see if those are still working properly too.

    Amazing how much it bothered me to lose those likes lol, but it made my site look like a ghost town without them!

    My likes are back, but now when you share a link on Facebook, it cannot create the usual link box with photo & text, because it finds a hidden link that seems to confuse the facebook software. For example, the link to my latest post SHOULD be: . But if you cut & paste this into Facebook, you’ll see Facebook identify the link as . (If you use the Share This button to Facebook, it also cannot find photos or text.) Did you add a code that adds a hidden link to all of our pages in order to get the likes back, or is this happening on the same day merely a coincidence? It’s a problem, because without the photo/text box, the links don’t show up visibly in readers newsfeeds.

    My luck with sharing via Facebook is really hit or miss. Mine seems to be working again but somedays I just have to keep trying a few times til it gives me a thumbnail :-/

    @phoenix: Okay, I think I see what you’re talking about; I just shared a new post on Facebook. It posts to my page with the thumbnail, but when I try to share the same link to another friend, it has no image.

    Guess I’ll post a separate thread if that issue doesn’t get fixed 🙁

    Phoenix; it looks like that issue has been fixed…have you noticed that? It seems like it wasn’t just wordpress posts but any article posts with images in general…looks like they’re all working again. Hopefully facebook’s upcoming update won’t mess anything else up!

    Agreed, it must have been a coincidence after all. Thanks for following up.

    Seems today I’m no longer able to post thumbnails on fb again. Is anyone else having the same issue? I updated google analytics and wonder if that might be the culprit.

    Doesn’t apply to older posts..just the one I did today.

    Having the same problem; Facebook “Likes” shows incorrectly as 11k, the same for each page, and then the link you get when it’s clicked on is gibberish.

    Hi there,

    I posted similar problem yesterday, but no reply yet :-(.

    Only on homepage the likes are back in the articles not.

    Additionally the buttons are only shown in the excerpts, not in new articles since yesterday.

    Has anybody an idea??? The cache I emptied already, not effect.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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