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    This is for my site I’ve just noticed that I’ve 11 e-mail subscribers when in the past I’ve had 1000’s+ where has this data gone? I can remember some months ago trying to download the subscribers data BUT couldn’t/I wasn’t allowed to because it couldn’t connect!!! i.e. I was unable to save my e-mail subscribers and I now in having it somehow ‘connected/reconnected’ I seem to have had them deleted!!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!!! I seem to have all of my stats data going back to 2007 so it’s bizarre!!!

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    Hi there,

    I was unable to save my e-mail subscribers and I now in having it somehow ‘connected/reconnected’ I seem to have had them deleted

    When did you reconnect that site? Was it by any chance using a different URL at the time you made the original Jetpack connection?

    If you reconnected using a different URL, that might have lead to a new Jetpack connection being created on our end.

    I do see another site in your account, that you reconnected today,, has around 1300 subscribers. Any chance you’re misremembering which site had that many subscribers?

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    I seem to have all of my stats data going back to 2007 so it’s bizarre!!!

    The oldest post for cached on our end was published in 2010, and the stats for that site only start from August 2010, so if you’re seeing stats data from 2007, we’re looking at two different sites. has stats going back to May 2007.

    Sorry KokkieH yea stats go back to 2010 on, I recently 2 days ago had the site telling me it had connecting problems and I had to figure out how to connect // reconnect it . . . however the site I cannot remember it was giving messages that it couldn’t connect then it ‘seemed’ to stop giving these i.e. it seemed to start to connect again (I cannot remember doing anything to achieve this) it was only when having the same problem yesterday with when the click to view full stats to wordpress had me presented with a message to say it couldn’t present the stats as the site couldn’t connect . . . it was only in sorting that out (with advice to make sure I did it properly) that I then noticed that I’d lost many subscribers to!!! I’ve no ides how that happened, I was only pointing out that I had site stats going back many many years i.e. I’ve stats for 9 years BUT my now 11 e-mail subscribers go back only to Jul 3, 2018 and I’ve been posting less in the last year too . . . basically I’ve always had a lot more traffic and hence e-mail subscribers to than . . .

    ‘AND’ when I was having the ‘connecting’ problems with I can remember trying to save the list (and hence remember it was 1000+) BUT I couldn’t save it/I wasn’t allowed because of the connecting problems!!!! In other words if I’d been able to save it I personally could get round the current problem by setting up an independent mailing list.

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    I don’t really see any major change in your subscriber number over the years.

    Even right now, we have a Pending subscriber on your site going back 4 years ago.

    Were you perhaps using another plugin for subscribers?

    Or, were the subscribers listed in your Dashboard’s Users section? If so, those aren’t actually subscribers, that’s an entirely separate system.

    They’re using WordPress’s registration system, which is fully separate from Jetpack. In almost all cases, they’re just spam bots preemptively getting around WordPress’s “must be registered and logged in to comment” anti-spam system.

    Take a look at Settings > General in your site’s Dashboard, and uncheck “Anyone can Register” and save, this won’t affect Jetpack or its subscriptions system, but it will stop those registrations you’re referring to.

    Next, at the Users section of your site’s Dashboard, it’s safe to delete any User there listed as a “Subscriber”. Don’t worry about the role’s name. Not only does Jetpack not use this, WordPress itself doesn’t even send subscription content. It was the most limited role, created for subscription plugins hence the name, but none use it. I tried to convince the developers to change the role’s name, but it appears to have been denied:

    So, to re-cap, switch off “Anyone can Register” at Settings > General, and delete “Subscribers” under Users. This will stop the problem, and it won’t affect Jetpack’s subscription system in the least.

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