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    A domain name of mine expired a few months ago and I’ve been procrastinating about trying to recover the data. I can still access the sub-domain at But when I attempt to get into the wp-admin it wants to redirect to, which I foolishly let expire.

    Is there any way to edit some code so that it doesn’t redirect and will let me get to the admin, so I can export a backup?

    What are my other backup options? I thought about a manual database backup but I think the schema has changed slightly as I had been using that site for a few years.

    Are there any other tips or tricks to somehow get a backup of the site? I also tried changing the SQL details in a new installation but it didn’t like it.

    Really want to get my old blog posts back and into a new blog! Would appreciate any suggestions.


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  • Hi Tristan,

    If you’re able to get into MySQL somehow then you should edit the wp_options table, look for a field name called siteurl or home, or just run a SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE '' which should come up with all the results containing that domain. Change them to your subdomain and try accessing WP admin once again.

    You should though be able to get up and running with a full MySQL backup together with the wp-content directory, you might try that aswell.




    Ah ha! As often happens after I post a question on a forum, I find a solution myself.

    This solved it for me.

    If that page ever disappears, I’ll repeat the steps here:

    1. log into your websites control panel
    2. Open phpMyAdmin
    3. Select your MySql database
    4. Browse the wp_options table
    5. Change the siteurl value to the temp URL provided by your hosting company

    Hope this helps someone some day!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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