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  • Hi,

    I am pretty new to wordpress. This may be a stupid question for you guys, but if you can suggest me on solutions, I really appreciate.

    I was developing my website(wordpress) locally by using MAMP on my Snowleopard. The other day, I clean installed mountain lion and started my computer from 0. I saved all wordpress files and I transferred MAMP straight, but seems like MAMP was having problem, and I needed to reinstall it. After that, I was able to get MAMP connected, but it required me to start from 0. I can see the theme, but all the contents are gone… I wonder if I can get the contents back somehow. I thought all my info was in wordpress folder, but I am not sure if that is where contents were saved since I couldnt find it. Was it saved under the database?? I did save the MAMP folder before I wipe everything. It should be somewhere in my computer. I just can’t seem to locate it or maybe worst case, it has been lost. Pleas help me out on finding solution for this. I have been researching on web long time, but wrong topics kept popping up.

    Where MAMP/Wordpress save the content files???

    Can I locate them from backup files from previous OS and apply that to my new computer?

    Or any way to recover the website I was working on, so I dont need to start from scratch.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi yukixnoguchi,
    Sorry to hear about your woes. I hope that you can recover the content of your site.

    All of the content and setting info of WordPress sites are stored in the database. I would try to look in the phpMyAdmin folder and see if you can locate the db. If you have the MAMP backup, then perhaps you could access an older machine? I’ve heard of issues with MAMP when changing OS.

    Christine! Thank you so much for your help. Yes. I did find db and it seems like there are my website contents there. However, now, my wordpress won’t load. I am using http://localhost:<PORT>/wordpress address, but it says Not Found. I may have overwritten some files that needed to be linked with previous files. I am not quite sure what I did though. Do you have any idea what I am missing? I was able to load wp website last night so MAMP is working.

    I would re-upload the WordPress core files in your http://localhost:<PORT>/wordpress folder. So the wp-admin, wp-includes and root files.
    The wp-content folder contains your themes, plugins, uploads and anything else that has your content, so your back up should have everything in there.

    Then once, you have all of the WordPress files in place, make sure that the wp-config.php is properly set and points to the right database.

    Good luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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