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  • Hello.

    I’m from denmark, so sorry if my english isn’t well.

    I have some trouple with the website

    I wanted to change the theme and when i did that, the whole site just turned white and i could’nt restore the information after.

    there isn’t any codes left, and i can’t find any backup.
    Is there some way to restore the website? A program, a supporter or anything.

    That’s a really importen website and i don’t want to make it again.

    I hope someone can answer me quick.

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  • Note: I don’t know the version of the wordpress i am using.
    I haven’t created the website. I’m just the admin for a while.

    This can happen if a theme depends on something in a plugin, for example. You’ll need to force the default theme to kick in so you can gain access to the backend again.

    In FTP, go to your themes folder and rename the active theme’s folder.

    Log in to WordPress. You should be able to.

    Go to Appearance > themes and activate the default theme for good measure.

    Back in FTP, rename your theme folder back to its original name

    In WordPress, go back to appearance > Themes (LEAVE the themes page from when you activated the default theme, and go back to it)

    Re-activate your theme.

    Does the above work for you?


    Thanks for very quick answer.
    But there’s a little problem.
    I can’t even logon to the admin site.
    It’s just a white page.

    And another thing, i’m at bit novice – what do you mean by FTP?

    You will be locked out until you can access your WordPress files. FTP is a way of accessing these files. Or, you can log into your web host and access the File Manager there. You will need to be able, some how, to access your WordPress files – I don’t think at this stage you will be able to do anything through WordPress admin.



    So you think the only way to recreate the files is to logon to my webhost?

    Yes, I think so. You are basically trying to force WordPress to revert to the default theme before re-applying your theme. Who is your host (DO NOT REVEAL ANY LOGIN CREDENTIALS!)?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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