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  • Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me??!!

    I’ve lost my blog!
    Whenever I try to veiw or login to my dashboard I get a blank page.

    The problem occured after I upgraded to the latest version of wp and changed the theme.

    I host my blog with bluehost and can assess that control panel, so I think the problem is with wp….does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced!

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  • try renaming the theme thru the cpanel file manager
    this will bring up default theme and should let you log in and troubleshoot

    another possibility is all files didn’t get uploaded

    Also, check your wp-config.php file and see if there is an extra space at the bottom. Remove it and re-upload.

    Also, check your wp-config.php file and see if there is an extra space at the bottom

    out of curiosity, why would you think upgrading would add a space in wp-config.php?
    If blog was working previously?

    For some reason, recently people have had this same issue and found an extra space in the wp-config.php that caused this so called ‘white screen of death.’ I still haven’t figured out if it’s related to the upgrade or if they are messing with that file before hand. I have helped about 10 webmasters in the last month with this same problem. They all said they didn’t change the file and only did the upgrade.

    ok – never heard of this before

    By space, I mean an return.

    well they would have to open before hand and add it – don’t know why anyone would do that

    This is an outdated post, but here’s someone with the same problem with an older version, which led me to look in their wp-config.php and it worked.

    that’s not the same thing at all – that is a known problem that can happen

    Like I said, it’s an outdated post. The ones that had problems did have that issue and it worked.

    Dear Samboll,

    New to WordPress but I’ve seen you work miracles for some fortunate folks and hope you might help me or point me to a forum link where I can help myself.
    After 4 weeks putting up a site with 2.9.1, I have a similar problem as the others after the 2.9.2 upgrade but I can’t get back to the Dashboard (blank page) and the Blog page is blank.
    I’ve tried everything I know to get back to the Admin including:
    checking for the space in the wp-config.php (and noticed the ?> was gone so I added it).
    -upped the memory on the wp-settings.php.
    -reuploaded the theme to but still the blank admin page.
    -even set-up another data base and moved the files but the pages were gone…
    Anyway very grateful & thank you in advance for any response…gordon

    Update – I disabled the plugins by renaming via the cPanel and ureka! I got back to my Dashboard but still have the blank blog site page. Now to figure which plugin was the culprit & will try the 2.9.2 update again…thanks for any leads on the blank blog page.

    @ macgordon
    what I would try
    rename plugins folder, thus deactivating all plugins
    test site
    if that didn’t work
    rename your current theme folder, thus deactivating the theme and bringing up the default
    does it get you in?

    you said you tried the memory
    about the only thing after that I could suggest would be to upload all of the /wp-admin and /`wp-includes folders and files again

    Dear Samboll,
    Many thanks for your kind help & it worked! I was able to get all back to normal with a sigh of relief :o) I also did the 2.9.2 auto-install & it worked too! I’m going to be extra careful from now on and won’t go plug-in crazy again…Ps. hope Otto hasn’t yelled at you recently… my wife does the yelling in real time…:o)

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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