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    I lost all my variations on the most recent update. The attributes still exist, but the product level variations and all associated information has disappeared. Any idea if the missing data exists in the db? Recovery is preferable to re-entry…

    Maybe a problem with my mySQLi version?

    EDIT: Additional information
    The prices in my products view (back-end) still reflect a variation even though that information has disappeared from the individual products. Front-end products are unable to add to cart.

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  • @francis1969 I had the same issue with my variations returning zero. I literally just tried it again after refreshing the page and it populated.

    Have you used WooCommerce csv import? It’s a little tricky if you haven’t worked with spreadsheets much before, but you an batch upload attributes and variations. I find the the front load time is more efficient than manually adding all variations to all products.

    I use the free version.

    So I am having this issue but I am confused on what to do. I am super new to all of this. I found the phpadmin in the cpanel but how to do you backup and what do you back up? How do you update with that code that shows up? I need my variations and to set prices 🙁

    I had a back-up of my site before installing update 3.0 Woocommerce. Via FTP uploaded that backup. In my case my site is running perfectly again. Product variables that looked disappeared are back up again and functioning like before 3.0 upgrade. Even with the (by Woocommerce 3.0) updated database. Hope this will help you/others too.

    I will wait patiently for Woocommerce to release 3.01 version or later, so it will contain fixes for the bugs/issues that keep coming forward now.

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    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    3.0.1 prevents the delete issue on switching product types. if you need to restore the trashed variations, use the snippet I posted in your PhpMyAdmin from your hosting. It will untrash variations and make them published again.

    Hi Mike, thanks for your updates.

    I’ve got 3.0.1 installed but have lost all my varations.

    I tried adding your snippet (I pasted the Gist link into my PHP editor, making sure it wasn’t hyperlinked, hope that’s correct!)
    But I’ve still lost my variations

    Is there anything else I should try before I have to do the all from scratch manually?

    Hope to hear from you

    I have done the new update as well in hopes that it would fix my issue, but no luck. I am now getting new issues. The issue I am having now is that I’m getting a error message when I am trying to upload products. This is the message

    <br />
    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
    on line <b>1756</b><br />
    “title”:”HOOey Hat Mens Baseball Cap Hooey Golf”,

    Is there going to be a fix for this or I need to revert back to the version before 3.0 when everything worked.

    ho il sito

    Dopo un lavoro enorme per caricare i prodotti variabili mi ritrovo con un sito che non solo dal pannello non mi permette di caricare nuovi articoli variabili, ma i clienti non possono acquistare perché nonostante appaia tutto regolare “scegli”, il cliente clicca sulla variante ma non apre la variante per l’acquisto. Come state risolvendo? Ho perso tutto un lavoro di 3 mesi… Pazzesco.
    Segnalo che giorni fa ho ricevuto un avviso di aggiornamento plugin diverso dal solito. L’ho fatto. Possibile che sia un hacker ?

    I’ve only just found out that I was affected by this issue, because the variations are visible on the product pages, but not available to edit.

    Now though, when I run the above query, there are no product_variations marked as trash. I imagine this is because I optimize my database weekly and part of that removes all posts marked as trash.

    I have daily backups of my database saved, but I’m struggling to find one that has the information I need to restore any database information.

    I have hundreds of products that are affected by this issue. I’m manually recreating some of the business critical product variations, but I really need a way to fix this without going in and recreating up to 15 different variations on hundreds of products.

    The information is still available on the front end, so is it possible to get a query that will restore this to the product data automatically?

    BTW, I just tried to open a ticket on and there is no form on the page that is displayed when I click Submit a Ticket. As a paying customer, I’d really appreciate it if you could make it possible/easier to get help.

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