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  • I recently had my blog, moved to a Grid Server on Go Daddy. After the process was done, when I click on any of my blog posts title I got an No input File Specified error. I have lost all of my traffic. All of the old links were indexed in Google and got great traffic. I then changed my permalinks & was able to at least see my blog posts and I created a new XML sitemap & submitted it to Googe.
    I cannot figure out how to redirect the old url permalinks post to the new permalink. On top of that my site is still loading incredibly slow. I moved servers in hopes to increase load speed. I do not understand how to do a redirect in the htaccess so that the links that are getting the no input files specified get sent to the new permalinks I created. VERY frustrating. Thanks for help!

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  • Have you tried changing your permalinks back? Often when you move servers, the .htaccess file doesnt make it, and you just need to hit “Save” on the permalinks page to get it regenerated.

    Obviously that doesnt solve your speed issue, but at least you’d get your old permalinks back.

    Thank you for replying, the problem is when I go into the area to change back to the old permalinks I can’t figure out how to add the index.php which used to be in the links
    Old Permalink “

    New Permalinks I created after moving to grid server:

    After I created these new permalinks I resubmitted a new site map to google. If I figure out how to change back to the permalinks with the index.php in it, will I need to resubmit a new sitemap again? I had decent traffic before, now all gone! 🙁 I am wondering how long it would take to get traffic back?
    Thank YOU!!!

    Hm. Where were you before – on a Windows server somewhere (like godaddy, perhaps)?

    Generally the index.php bit only sticks around if you’re on a server that can’t really do permalinks properly (I think). I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to replicate that sort of permalink structure on a linux server (which I think you’re on now). I’ll see if I can find anything out, but if anyone else has some advice, please chime in!

    Just tried to change back permalink to include index.php, then got an no input file specified error again! had to change permalinks back to new permalinks
    How can all of the old permalinks be redirected to new permalinks?

    Hm. Not as tricky as I thought it was. Try this:

    Go to your permalinks page, and choose custom structure. In the text field next to it, enter this:


    I think that matches your old structure, based on the url you gave before. WordPress doesn’t seem to mind putting the “index.php” into the permalink structure – I assumed it would take issue with the “.”

    After you do that, generate and resubmit a new sitemap. I don’t know how long it will take to get your traffic back, but at least all your old links will be pointing to the right pages again. I would assume that eventually (I want to say within a month, but I really don’t know), your search traffic will return.

    Thank you Peter, I was on a linux server, & believe when my site was moved to Grid hosting on go daddy I believe it stayed on Linux! I hope!

    The loading speed is also terribly slow! I have done all I can as far as plugins etc to speed up loading.

    I am running wordpress 3.2.1

    This has been days
    Thank you

    The site is running very slow especially when I am in the admin area trying to make changes to my blog.

    As far as the site running slowly – if you’ve tried disabling plugins, I’m afraid you’re at the mercy of your host there. I’d try getting in touch with Godaddy support.

    Yep I changed the permalinks to /index.php/%year%/%category%/%postname%/ Then I got a no input file specified error then since that did not work I changed them back to /%year%/%category%/%postname%/

    thanks for your time

    Yep, been in touch with go daddy several times this week already. I will need to call again…. yes I went through plug ins

    Hm. I’m afraid this is all pointing to hosting-level stuff, which I can’t help much with because I’ve never used the godaddy grid service. I’d still recommend trying to get in touch with godaddy support – hopefully they’ll have better advice than I do.

    ok thank you. you are here in CO? If I can’t get this figure out I may need to pay someone to help and take a look at all my files, htaccess etc, afraid some of this is above my tech skills level. I am in Arvada. IF you know a great WordPress person in Denver area let me know thanks for your time

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