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  • Dear Guys,

    I am New into this forum and asking little help.

    I was doing a website design using one of the theme on localhost server. Than I wanted to reinstall windows, I backed up, copy and paste the C:\xampp folder as it is to be restore after windows install. Now Windows system is done, I have put the xampp folder as it is in C:\xampp.

    Now, I went to localhost/sitename and I lost all of the pages, posts I have ever created. The theme options even reset to Default.

    Is there any Possible way that I can get the all changes of my theme back? Please, help me, I did it with so much effort.


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  • this is most likely a mysql problem, not a wordpress problem. it might be, that during reinstall of your mamp the mysql-tables concerning wordpress were overwritten or they are simply not present. you may have to look for the original wordpress tables and copy them to the new install.

    here is, how you locate the wordpress tables. you may want to install phpmyadmin for this….

    in your wp-config.php there is a line that determines the prefix for all wordpress-tables in the database. usually this is “wp-“. So in your database you look for all tables, prefixed with wp- or whatever you have set in wp-config.

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you for reply.

    I have not reinstalled xampp again. But yeah, before installing the windows operating system, I copied the whole long time ago Installed folder of C:\xampp to the External HDD, than did windows reinstallation and after all that, I copied back the xampp folder from External HDD to C: now, and tried opening the site, the changes I made with so much effort are gone, everything set to Normal. The old mysql data in phpmyadmin has not been changed at all, it is still the same, but I can’t see any page or post I created after windows reinstallation or moving of xampp in c: drive.

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    But, the wordpress installation with its wp-content/themes everything is as it is, nothing changed or moved, or deleted after moving the xampp folder, only the changes I made to the website is not there. I have several websites there, the other one I was doing last time, its database is up to date even after moving it. But the changes lost for this website.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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