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Lost all pins after 'Save'

  • Hi!

    I had a serious problem today after saving a Map, I’ve suddenly lost all the pins/locations I added before. There were a few dozens of pins (less than 100) geo-coded and placed accurately on the map, edited, with titles, a.s.o.

    Now, I know this plug-in is free and please don’t understand me wrong, I really appreciate the hard work for this useful plug-in, but now I’m totally frustrated because I have to start from the beginning – so another 2-3 days to add those pins back.

    Thus, is there a limit for the pins I add, or would there be a way to recover the lost pins from a folder/script/etc?

    The website is: http://roadvertising.org

    I’ve added a map on the Contact page, with 1 pin, which works (http://roadvertising.org/contact/) and one on the Our Clients page which “crashed” (http://roadvertising.org/our-clients/).

    I’m looking forward to your feedback.

    Thank you, in advance!


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  • Plugin Author Cetabo


    Hi ichim,

    No there is no limit in number of pins that can be added on map, I tested with 200 pins and the map worked as expected. Maybe there is a browser related issue. What browser did you used when you got the error ? Please provide mode details about the reproduction of the error.

    Hi Cetabo,

    I was using Chrome browser when I got the error with other 10-15 tabs opened (4-5 on my WordPress CMS and others on different domains).

    Practically speaking I was almost finished, with 5-10 markers left to add, I saved in order to be sure that all the work is saved and then when I reloaded the map with the added markers I suddenly saw no markers at all and the map centered around the north of the East Coast of the US.

    What is curious is that I haven’t lost some markers or the last added markers, between that last save and the previous one, but I lost all of them, thus something went totally crazy under the hood considering that I was looking at a blank map.

    Please guide what other information to provide in order to be more clear for you.


    Plugin Author Cetabo


    I will investigate the problem and keep you posted

    Plugin Author Cetabo


    Unfortunately I could’t reproduce the problem, I have added more the 100 pins and the save was working just fine, I suspect that you case was something about the expiration of the session or maybe a 3’rd party plugin that interferes somehow with the saving operation. I am thinking about adding modification tracking so that this type of cases won’t happen again. I will commit the modifications is short time.

    Hi Cetabo,

    Thanks a lot for trying to reproduce the problem and reach the issue. There might have been a problem related to a 3rd party plugin; unfortunately all I can do is to list the plugins I have installed, the ones which were installed too when I had that problem, because I don’t have programming knowledge. Though, I tend to believe that it has been about an expired session because I remember working more than 1.5 hours and then saved.

    Please let me know when you launch the update so I install it and try to see if I encounter the same issue, in way or another.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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