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    All multisite users have lost access to their sites and are not listed in multisite admin as being associated to their sites. I am currently running a multisite with 8 subsites all of the sites have users.

    I have a developer who repaired the entire wp installation with the following:
    recreated database information
    debug and fix plugin errors
    reinstall plugins
    disable plugins
    repair databases
    deleted the user tables and then reimported them
    performed a repair on all of the usermeta tables associated with the multisite

    I have a great ithemes plugin called backup buddy. It does not work well with multisite. I make individual backups of each site using the BUB plugin in case i need to restore. I restored a single site giving it a new url. The site restored perfectly, users migrated to the Main admin panel but NOT to the site they belonged to, however the good news in they can log into their site again even though they do not show up in the site-users dashboard.

    I contacted my hosting company and the response given was not understandable they are telling me:
    “We see that you have many WordPress multi-sites. It appears the password you provided does not work, but when we reset it in the database for (table “wneighbsfwdmup_users”), it did work. If you do not know what the password was set to, then you may reset the password in each database table. The password is stored as MD5. There is a drop-down box with “MD5” when editing a record in phpMyAdmin. You can get phpMyAdmin from your cPanel account.

    What I nver changed anything and what would cause this to happen. I am so confused as is my developer as to what they are referring to. How can a change like this occur?

    ALSO looks like am not the only one having these issues found this:

    I would appreciate any ideas since i am officially out of business, really.
    Please help

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    recreated database information

    Owch. What did he do for that? See ALL your users, and what site they’re in, is stored in the DB. So unless you have a backup of the wp_x_options tables, and wp_users and wp_usermeta, then you’ll have to add them all in one at a time. :/

    I do have a full back up of each of the sites. I used a plugin developed by iThemes called Back up buddy. So you are saying if i unzip the back up files I can see the wp_x_options tables, and wp_users and wp_usermeta? From there I do not know how you would go about replacing the files.

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    They’re not files. They’re DB TABLES.

    BackupBuddy is a paid product, though, with support here:

    Ask them first, because I have no idea how their backup works.

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