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    A few days ago I moved my largest travel blog, from being hosted on Hostgator to WPengine.

    Everything was working OK with regard to the Jetpack/WP Stats until the afternoon of December 21, 2012.

    I just went to check my stats, which were showing correctly in the morning, and saw an error message indicating something about a lost connection, and to log out of I’ve got a self-hosted blog, so I’m not sure where that came from.

    I deactivated the Jetpack plugin, and re-activated it, and got a message that makes it look like I’ve lost all my stats from the last 3 YEARS.

    “Take ‘er easy, dude. You sure got here in a hurry! Your site has been registered and we are now tracking your stats but there is nothing to display yet. Your stats will begin to appear here within twenty minutes. Have a sarsparilla.”

    What’s going on, and how can I get my stats back? I don’t want to lose all that historical data.

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  • The stats have begun to appear on Jetpack at Go Backpacking again, but I’m starting over from scratch. How do I get my historical data back?

    I’m not getting the same error message via Jetpack that I got earlier, signaling the disappearance of my stats:

    unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. Try disconnecting from then reconnecting.

    UPDATE: Disregard my 3rd message here…my blog had been reverted to an older version. However, the problem remains unresolved.

    I checked my account today, and see “Go Backpacking (Jetpack)” listed twice. The first one has my historical data ending Dec 21, and the second one picks up Dec 21.

    How can I re-connect Go Backpacking with the historical data?

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    With Jetpack, your stats information is connected to a unique blog ID.

    When you moved your site from Hostgator to WPEngine, you created a new Blog ID instead of using the old one. When this happens, it may appear that your stats were lost.

    By disconnecting / reconnecting to, you fixed the issue, and your site is now connected to your old stats information. However, any stats for your site that were recorded between December 22 and December 30 cannot be merged into the correct Blog ID.

    The only way to access this data is through the Dropdown menu on home page:!/my-stats/

    Thanks Jeremy, what you described is exactly what a friend was able to tell me. He also fixed it for me by changing the Blog ID. Thanks for responding here!

    Hi there. I was searching and reading various post related to Data Lost in jetpack with Jeremy Herve responses but I still didnt find the right one for my problem.

    I have a primary site
    that I used to clone for a second one

    after cloning, all stats of site 1 in wordpress account migrated too. what im trying to say is that: you log into vith the new account created for second site, all 10 month of stats appears, when they should stay into de account, not migrated.

    I`ve tryed to conect and disconnetc but the problem presist.
    I didnt change the url so i guess that blog id shouldnt change.

    I`m confused and will be very greatfull if you give me any clue to solve this.


    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    @adrian Could you please create a new thread about your issue?

    Thank you.

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