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  • I have (had) a perfectly fine blog until I reset and the promptly forgot my admin password. After trying very combination under the sun I decided to use phpMyAdmin to reset the password field (using the M5 pull down option) in the wp_users table. That all seemed to work fine on the surface but I am still locked out. Is there another way to recover, reset or circumvent the admin password? Any help would be appreciated. Shot myself in the foot pretty good this time 😉
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  • I’ll amend your thread title as 1.5.3 does not exist.

    phpmyadmin is the way to go:
    try following that ?
    Clear any cookies too.

    Sorry about that it was a typo. I floowed the phpmyadmin instuctions exactly (it was very easy) and I deleted the cookies. Still nothing. Could I reinstall WordPress and dump all of the html structure (the whole /blog folder) over the new install. Is there any another way?

    That method works – while I don’t doubt you I cannot see how it can fail.
    Have you tried logging in from another browser ?

    I’m at work now. Different PC same problem. I used my laptop and went back to phpmyadmin, repeated the process making sure no typo’s and so on and I still can’t log in. Am I sunk? Any suggestions are welcome.

    I would suggest allowing someone access to the right places so they can also try.

    ok i just used this yesterday..
    with only one difference..
    I had to hack my own my php admin..
    and it worked great…
    love that pods support..
    it was awesome for me..

    Podz… are you offering? I’d gladly give you access to my mysql database if you could help. Hell I’ll send you a few fresh New England lobsters if you can get me back online.
    Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help.

    Heh – you can email me at tamba2 at gmail dot com and I’ll get straight onto it 🙂

    Done. Email is on the way 🙂

    Just interested in what it took to solve this problem??

    I have yet to receive an email back from emortell as I didn’t get access until I woke this morning. It works for me though, and if it does for emortell, then the answer is to delete all the wp-* files and reupload new ones. It was probably an ftp error.

    Thanks for the info Podz.

    My apologies for the late reply here. Podz is one down right decent human being. Not only did he fix my blog (“delete all the wp-* files and reupload� as described above) Podz also loaded a few handy plugins. Best support I think I’ve ever got with any software application. Thank you Podz!! I offered a few fresh lobsters for his good deed but it wasn’t to be…so I ate them �.

    Best to all.
    Thanks for the great support!

    Edward Mortell – Green Harbor MA Captain’s Log

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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