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    I set up my site and was all set to tell the audience that it was there, right after I did this one…last…thing…and I killed it.

    What I was trying to do was make a static post. Here’s where my descriptive powers are going to fail, because I can’t look at what I was doing, but it was something like this: in settings, there’s a place to specify what address of your site is and what you want the landing place to be if not the root site. At least I thought that’s what it meant.

    I set the second address for a page that I wanted use as a home. Nothing changed. When I went to main address, it still went to the blog. So I tried changing the first address from to

    Well. All the formating is gone, and /wp-admin redirects me to the blog. I tried /home/wp-admin, but the result was the same.

    Do I need to reinstall WP and start over, or is there an element I can replace? Thanks in advance – I’m leaving hair all over the floor.

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  • You will need to update all links to new url in your database “wp-options” table

    Sorry – don’t know how to find it. I’ve found a whole pack of “options-” files in the public_html>wp>admin file. I was looking at “options-permalink.php” and noticing this:

    $home_path = get_home_path();

    and wondering if the url should be in that path, but given what happened the last time I started fooling around with settings, I didn’t want to try it without asking.

    If that’s not the right place, would you mind directing me to the “wp-options” table?

    I should have said – there is a file WP>Admin> options.php… I thought that was the right one, but expected there to be a url within it, but there isn’t, and I don’t see where one would (probably due to gross ignorance).

    Here’s something else I wonder: shouldn’t all my WP files be contained within one folder within the public_html file? There are 3 WP folders – admin, content, and includes – in the public_html folder. Then all the other WP files that don’t live in one of those folders are loose in the public_html folder.

    Hi again, what you’ve described is correct, you have installed wordpress in your route directory public_html.The three main wordpress directories, plus all the individual wordpress files, including config.php.
    you’ll need to edit the site url and blog url to reflect this.
    as explained in the links above.
    hope you get there.

    Thanks, Mike – this gives me hope!

    Mike, you are my hero.
    All fixed!

    You will need to update all links to new url in your database “wp-options” table

    this is like 4 threads now you have advised people incorrectly to mess with their database.
    1st – your solution was incorrect (which happens to all of us)
    2nd – messing with the database is fairly advanced, especially for new users

    Well, in all fairness, that is ultimately what Mike’s solution led me to – it’s just that I needed that fabulous step by step video to get there – or at least a hint as to how to get into the DB. I was trying to mess with


    . I finally realized that it said “table,” but I wasn’t getting there on my own.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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