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  • This started a couple weeks ago. I usually have to change the vertical paragraph spacing from double space to single after I paste reviews into our Word Press site. Then if I find a further error – such as a word that should be italicized, or perhaps I left off the Amazon number – and I return to the Edit Post page in WP, it has run together all of the paragraphs and I need to bring out the original review again and hit the Return button many times to set up all the vertical spaces yet again. I just had to do that three times on a review of 3 CDs at once. There is a bold in one review I must get rid of, but trying to do that will lose all the paragraph spacing.

    The odd thing is that if a writer sends me an email with a small correction to make on a published review and I go to edit the article in WP, it is then OK and all I need do is make the one correction. Perhaps this started with our update to WP… Can this be corrected? My webmaster cannot help me.

    You will not see the problem at my site – – because I have corrected all of them. I don’t see a way to include a screen shot attachment.
    /Users/SunierHome/Desktop/Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.36.01 PM.jpg

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  • The WordPress forums do not allow image attachments. As these forums are moderated primarily by volunteers, and being that WordPress is free, hosting of image files is not a service provided. If you want to self-host the image file and provide a link in your post to that image file, that is fine.

    That said, a screenshot won’t explain how the CSS is being processed by the browser. Instead, please provide a link to the page on your site with the issue, so we can assist you further.

    I got a no-reply email saying I must give the URL of my website instead of attaching a screenshot. I did. Here it is again:

    Thank you for the link. Looks like everything is correctly currently.

    Now, if you switch back and forth between the “Text” editor and the “Visual” editor, WordPress is designed to strip out empty <p> tags to clean up the code and tighten the structure. So, make sure during the update process that if you have been working in the “Visual” Editor to not switch to the “Text” editor.

    Alternatively, there are plugins you can install to disable that behavior. For more information, please review:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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