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  • EXTREMELY annoying, Matt et al: every time I upgrade, I have to go back in and TURN OFF THE DAMN STUPID WYSIWYG AGAIN, ON EVERY BLOG AND ACCOUNT WITHIN THEM.


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  • I’ve only upgraded 3 so far, but on the two I just checked I didn’t have that problem. They’ve remained at non-wysiwyg.


    Thanks for the warning, I’m about to upgrade several blogs as well and this is important to know.

    Anything else? It won’t turn back on Pinging ping-o-matic, will it? Or re-enable any settings with RSS or who can register/comment?

    I dunno, Dgold, right now I just got back online due to “other” issues with broadband (gone *sigh*) and dialup (had to “leave” since an important call was expected *double sigh*). Lemme go check, post back shortly, ‘kay?

    Okay, didn’t re-input the totally useless pingomatic, thankfully. It DID recheck any number of boxes previously cleared (too many to list); you want to look over ALL your options very carefully, since it’s obvious someone didn’t think that sort of thing was important.

    Handy – apparently you are a very lucky guy. Wish I had been.

    Gads. I guess I am lucky! 3 for 3 so far. No changes to any settings that I can see.

    Wonder if one of us should share this thread over at the Hackers list?

    If you would please; I’m having an incredible number of email-to-list problems since broadband landed, then took off again…. *sigh*

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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