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  • I have reset my settings in the admin menu screen, but as soon as I try to remove anything at all from the Admin Menu, I lose Posts.

    I have also deactivated and reactivated the plugin. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin.

    Is there anything else I can do? I like the plugin, but I need to be able to hide some of these menu bar items.

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    You must leave menu customizations as last step in admin customizations. There is no alternative to that. Admin menu should not be changed by other plugins once it’s defined by AGCA. If it’s changed by anything outside from AGCA it could be broken. This is the way how it works. Hope this helps.

    The best plugin for complete admin editing!!
    I am using AGCA 1.2.7 with WP 3.5 .

    I have also lost the Posts and its submenus in subadmin. The main admin is fine and see all menus/submenus as I selected ‘Do not apply these settings for Admin’.
    I have added 1-2 plugins later and menu items are misaligned and ‘Posts’ menus are lost. I checked in firebug, it was there but hidden by something.
    As per you suggestion I reset the settings. Good to see that Posts submenu items appeared (other menus which I hidden earlier reappeared, but I will re-hide them no issue).
    But the problem is still The text of ‘Posts’ menu is still set to the title text of another custom post type ‘Courses’ I have.

    Now, there are two ‘courses’ menu showing in admin one for posts and another for courses. The links on them and submenu are correct although.

    I tried to change label text using AGCA text field for Posts, saved, but still ‘Courses’ appearing as menu (AGCA field showing ‘Posts’).

    What can I do??

    Also, there should be some fixing to this plugin so that new addition/deletion of menu by other plugins should not misalign labels and other disturbance in admin. Also the AGCA settings GUI, tabs, fields, controls should be enhanced to modern wp-admin controls, currently it look all old fashioned.

    Please let me know.


    Not answered or fixed still by author but issue persist. I have checked that if any custom post type exist in wordpress, then the menu name ‘Posts’ renamed to that custom type name automatically for non-admin, leading to two same name menus. For ex. I had ‘Courses’ post type so the ‘post’ menu renamed to ‘Courses’, and so I have two ‘Courses’ menu for non-admin.
    Similarily, I have installed bbpress which created menu ‘Forum’, ‘Topics’ and ‘Replies’, reset the ag admin custom menu setting and rehidden some menus. Now, ‘Posts’ menu renamed to ‘Replies’ automatically. And so non-admin now have two ‘Replies’ menu.
    Reset and rehiding not make it work, also setting custom text for ‘Post’ menu not work, and non-admin user always see two menu with common text.
    Please fix the issue asap.
    This plugin is good but losing support, user posts not answered properly.

    A good support is the key to success and popularity for a wp plugin. Please respond.

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    I couldn’t reproduce this issue at all. Can you please send me the steps for reproducing starting from scratch, installing a new blog, adding which plugins and versions, and testing from which browser. Thanks!

    The steps are almost already clear. But once again..
    I have installed wordpress and used ag admin menu to hide/show some menu items for non-admin user. All was fine. Then installed ‘types’ plugin and created a custom post type ‘courses’ with its menus. This disturbed the alignment of all menus for non-admin (as per ag-custom-admin), so I did reset the custom menu. All menus now appeared correct after rehiding/setting menus. But now I am seeing two ‘courses’ menu in admin, one was real for custom courses post type, one was fake leading to ‘posts’ menu in fact. Means ‘Posts’ menu was renamed to ‘courses’.

    Further I installed ‘bbpress’ plugin which created custom posts types and menu for forums, topics and replies. Again menus are misaligned so I reset again the custom admin menu. Now, I have two ‘replies’ menu in admin, one real for ‘replies’ post type and one was linking to ‘posts’ menu, means ‘posts’ menu is renamed to ‘replies’ now.

    The result which I seen is that default ‘posts’ menu is renamed automatically to any custom post type available most likely to the recent one. I even tried to set the custom text in ag-custom-admin ‘posts’ menu text, but not working. Admin still not showing real ‘Posts’ menu text, although the link on extra ‘courses’ or ‘replies’ menu are correct and taking to ‘posts’ correctly.

    All above issue in menu text is for non-admin. For super admin the menu items are correct as there custom menu not applied by ag-custom-admin.

    The reason I suppose to be the link for ‘posts’ menu is http://site/wp-admin/edit.php and for custom post types is like http://site/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=courses and http://site/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=reply

    Here you can see the default ‘posts’ has no argument, and most probably ag-custom-admin is using url arguments or slug in some way to set text, and since for posts no slug is available so its taking the most recent courses or reply slug/argument available and showing the wrong text. So, this plugin need the empty argument check I think to fix the issue.

    Also, the mis-alignment of menu items after adding new menu items should also some way to be fixed in plugin, because it is very awkward to set again all menu if in future a single feature/custom post type developed/added in the site.

    I hope all is clear now, please let me know if some doubt. And please try to fix the issues asap.

    I am using latest version of wordpress 3.5.1, ag-custom-admin 1.2.7 on wamp 2.2E – 32bit on windows7 localhost with php 5.4.3.
    The issue is also on linux server with php 5.3, I have a demo live version of it on shared hosting.
    Also, the problem is on all browsers in latest versions chrome, firefox, IE.
    I am 100% sure its not the platform issue, it is just some internal wrong empty parameter/argument/slug handling for post types.

    Also, I and all other users will more like this plugin if some work done in its admin GUI. The tabs, controls and settings should be more good in look and arrangement and can be done using default wordpress admin css.

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    Thanks for the rich description. Will try it out and let you know.


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    There is a fix for the custom content types in development version. Please try it out. Here is the link:

    Please let me know if it works or not. Thanks!

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