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  • My browser is Firefox and I also use Session Mgr to save sessions and restore them when the browser reopens.

    If I’m writing a post that is either published or saved in draft form and I end the browser session, when I reopen it the edited post appears on screen, but I’m not logged into WP.

    Not realizing that, I edit the post and add text. Since I’m not logged in Autosave doesn’t work. Anything new that I write in the post edit box disappears as soon as I try to save it. When I try to go back a screen to see if I can go back to the screen that had the data I’d entered, the entire post is gone and the edit post screen empty.

    Is there a way that the browser or Session Manager extension can automatically log me back into the WP installation? Or barring that, could it warn me that I’m not logged in so that I don’t make this time-consuming error?

    There are often times when I write posts in draft form over many browser sessions. I don’t want to lose what I’m writing simply because the browser doesn’t log me into my blog installation.

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