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  • I upgraded my client’s wp to 2.5 on Friday. Once we were sure that was fine, I installed WPhone and we did a test post, which worked fine. She posted a regular entry yesterday with no problems.

    Today, she is trying to post and when she saves a draft, the content of the entry disappears. The subject line is fine, but no content. I log into her admin area with my login (which is administrator, as is hers), and I cannot see her content. I then do a test draft and save it, but she can’t see the content of it when she goes to edit it. When I try to edit her tests (where she sees no content), I can’t see the content either.

    We are both on macs, both using Firefox (most recent version), but she is using Leopard (OS 10.5.2) on an intel mac book. I am using Tiger on a G5 iMac Power PC.

    So I mosey over to my mac book pro, which has Leopard (10.5.2) and try to do a draft and I get the same results she does. Can’t see the content of any draft that was created on a Leopard machine. We both also tested Safari on Leopard, with the same results.

    I was just now clicking around a little more and found that on the entries I did on the imac, I can see code in the HTML tab, but it’s not in the Visual Editor when I view it in Leopard.

    Thinking about the visual editor got me remembering that I DID install TinyMCE Advanced about a month ago, and then upgraded it when I upgraded to WP 2.5. I just deactivated it, cleared my cache and was able to post normally using Leopard.

    We will keep TinyMCE Advanced deactivated for now, needless to say.

    I know this was long and confusing, but my client is freaking out and I’m hoping we’re not alone in this problem. I am also going to post to the TinyMCE Advance support page. It’s a GREAT plugin and she needs to be able to use it again someday!

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