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  • observatii12322


    There are way more better booking apps than this one!

    I had purchased BUSINESS PLAN and at first, it was working ok.
    We had several bugs during the first year of using it, the schedule was unavailable even if the assistant had no bookings in those days/hours. It was not such a big deal because we were losing only 1-3 clients/month.
    Support service is average, they didn’t understand well the problems when they e-mailed them and in most of the cases, problems were solved partially.

    After updating to version 7, we had noticed that a full month was unavailable for booking. After 2 days of trying to explain the situation to the support service (while we were also losing clients) and after another 2 days of trying to convince them with proof from our customers that the schedule is unavailable for them even if there is no booking for a whole month, their answer was that the services are not well made. The same services worked perfectly for 1 year and now after their upgrade suddenly are not ok anymore.
    Also, we asked for a refund because we paid for 1 more year on 5th October 2021 and because we asked for a refund after 35 days, not 30 days they refused to say that it was my fault because the schedule is unavailable. (after their stupid upgrade)
    Also, they didn’t want to send me a plug-in to downgrade.

    In the first 12 months of using this app, I assume we lost like 30 clients, and after updating to version 7 we lost more than 90 bookings. Do your own math if it worth it!

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