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    Love this plugin, but I’m losing 10 points on mobile pagespeed. Please refactor this and get rid of the JS and CSS (put the CSS inline).

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  • + 1.

    My audience loves it, and I’d love to keep it.

    But as soon as I switch it off, the website is so much faster on Google’s page speed.

    Especially, when it’s off, the layout shift issue disappears, while right now I have hundreds of pages marked as “errors” in search console.



    Maybe try a plugin which does that for you? Inlining js and css.

    What’s the “layout shift issue”?

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    @drlightman if you aren’t here to support this issue, or have useful advice, kindly stay off the comms. Read more about pagespeed and CLS

    For me, I’ve switched to luckywptoc, and suppressed the js and css files, and now have no degradation of pagespeed.



    I’m sorry if you had a bad day, I tried to give advice but maybe you had other stuff going on.

    Again, if you didn’t like js and css of this plugin you could disable its css by settings “Presentation” to “custom”.

    Turning “Enable smooth scroll effect” off would probably cancel the js too.

    If that wasn’t still enough there are “pagespeed plugins” which does the inlining of the JS and CSS for you such as wp-optimize, but of course it’s better to avoid another plugin overload when possibile or you can do it one for yourself as I did.

    I’m glad you found an alternative, because this plugin is not even supported anymore and I’m not using it anymore, instead I’m using the fork version “Easy Table of Contents”.



    @drlightman I personally am not loading TOC+’s default CSS and have the CSS built into the main CSS itself.

    One thing that still bugs me is the front-min.js (or front.js) loaded by TOC+.

    As far as I know, the JS is used for the smooth scrolling effect. However, I have that option turned off completely.

    If so, then why exactly is it still loading the JS. Tried doing this multiple times but the same result.

    Could you help?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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