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    I’ve entered a lot of floating-point numbers in the admin area. After saving I can still see them in the input table. But in the displayed diagram tooltips and after switching the pages in admin area and returning to the chart’s input page there are only integers left! It makes no difference if I use point as decimal point or the german comma.
    How can I use floating-point numbers?


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  • Plugin Author randyjensen


    Hey Martin,

    This was a bug. Thanks for catching it!

    Version 0.5.2 should have fixed it. Let me know if you have any other issues.


    still after update to 0.5.2, floating points are lost.
    I’ve tried with with , and . makes no difference…

    Plugin Author randyjensen


    If you can post your site I can look closer. I have it running on multiple sites and it’s saving any data with decimal points correctly now.

    Numbers with commas will not work properly.


    Tried your plugin, created a chart, insert code from media… unfortunately nothing display.
    [show-rjqc id=”2″]

    *checked:… disabled all other plugins.
    *checked:… codes on page…looks good.
    *checked:… no jquery conflict…..
    any idea?

    Plugin Author randyjensen


    This thread is closed. Please start a new thread with the version of WordPress you’re running, a link to your site with the chart or the data you’re using.

    this is URL where you can find 2 charts, the last one, should have floating point values

    Plugin Author randyjensen



    I’ve run all the tests I can and can’t replicate this bug on my end.

    Can you try this:

    1) Create a new chart
    2) Add a title to it
    3) Save the chart with the default dummy data in it.
    4) Add the chart to a dummy page

    Are the floating numbers wiped out?

    If yes, it could be an issue with the server you’re running your WP install on in which case I’ll need some more details to dig deeper.

    If not, any details you can give me about how to reproduce the bug will help me out a lot in getting it fixed.

    You can look here:
    The first one contains my data, the second one is the default example. No floating point values.
    I’m using a German WordPress installation. May this be the cause?

    Plugin Author randyjensen


    I just installed the German version of WordPress and everything is working properly on all charts with floating point numbers.

    Maybe try deleting the plugin and re-installing it. This will not delete all your data.

    Now it works! Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author randyjensen



    Hi, sorry to reopen this thread, but I have a problem with decimals. They disappear when I save my chart. If I save 23,54 I get 23 when I reopen the chart. I tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin, but it didn’t work. I´m on WP 3.8.1, Swedish WP installation.



    You have to use dot (.) as decimal separator, not comma.


    Aha, thank you so much for the help! Works!



    sorry to reopen the thread yet again. But I have a problem with decimals. I use the dot (.) to separate numbers and get correct decimals. It seems to work in all charts except the the Pie chart where for instance the numbers 85.34% are transformed to 86%. The plug in rounds off numbers somehow!

    I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the plug in and also creating a new Pie chart but to no avail.

    Ideas are most welcome.


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