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    I’d like to use remote_get to parse text in specific <dir>s of some website and show it on mine. But the problem is all <dir>s on source-website have same class witch results in parsing only first one and ignoring all others. I can’t parse the whole page with all blocks because <dir>s I need are inside of other blocks with irrelevant information.
    Structure is as follows:

    irrelevant text
      <dir id="same">relevant text</dir>
      <dir>irrelevant text</dir>

    Question is: can I loop my remote_get so it will show all <dir id="same"> all one by one?


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  • Plugin Author Eli


    If you loop the remote_get call it will just keep finding the first one, but if you return the whole page then you can use another method (like preg_replace) to parse all divs matching that id.

    Okay, thanks!

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