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  • There are a few good tools with this theme but, overall, it’s NOT user friendly and does NOT scale well for mobile!!

    First of all, their documentation and videos are VERY out of date!! NOTHING works the way they explain it. All of their widgets have an “Upload Image” button, but above each one you see:

    “[DEPRECATED – Go to Edit Row > Theme > Background image] Upload an image for the background if you want. It will get a parallax effect.”

    Not sure if they want me to go to Edit Row or use the button but, no matter what I do, there is NO parallax on any of it.

    Also, simple things like the “facts” widget have been giving them fits for a few versions now. My issue is that it wraps digits on mobile instead of reducing padding or just going to a single column as you’d expect from a well written css. In looking through the support pages, it looks like they’ve had problems with some other versions actually merging on top of themselves – all of this happened after an update with no way to fall back. I posted a question in their forum to see if there’s a work-around, but no answer.

    I also have an issue with the “testimonials” widget. First, if I use the above mentioned “Upload Image” button then the image url is also pasted into the target address for my Testimonials Page and as the text for the link button. And, not sure how or why anyone would do this, but the link button to the page has NO formatting at all. Does not match the call to action button. So if you want your site to look at all professional you have to skip that and add a Call to Action instead. In the same row of your Front Page, but the previously mentioned Image issues will screw you up at that point.

    All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this Theme or this company at all. I’ve wasted 3 days fighting with it, and it looks like I’m going to waste another 3 days getting rid of it.

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