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    This looks like a great plugin, but it’s just a little short on the “free” features like only giving you the option for a “fade” transition.

    I use a plugin called s2Member for my membership stuff – it is completely free and PACKED with features. And they have two levels of paid versions as well. I would almost surely never need the paid version, but I upgraded to the highest level possible simply because they offered so much value at the free level, and they have an active community. THIS is the spirit of WordPress development.

    There is such a move afoot to offer “just barely enough” — then if you want decent features – pay or forget it.

    Don’t mean anything disparaging here – like I said, I’m sure it’s a great plugin, but I’ll never know because there’s just not enough to really take it around the block.

    Back to the ol’ standbys. 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Griffin


    Hate that you feel that way! 🙁

    To be sure, Soliloquy was offered first as a premium plugin. There was no lite version for the first few months. I offered a lite version as a gift to the WordPress community, which contains the same base code as Soliloquy (secure, efficient and fast) but removed some of the nicer features to ensure that paying customers were not ripped off in the process.

    Soliloquy Lite is still better than other free slider plugins in terms of security, efficiency and speed. It just lacks some of the features seen in the paid version, but I wouldn’t consider it barely enough.

    Just think of how long it would take you to build something like that before you decided the features were ‘barely enough’. 😉


    Thanks for the great reply. Yes, I agree with you – lots of hard work goes into this stuff, and if I had the moxy to be writing plugins, I would be doing it.

    There is no doubt that this is a great plugin – it just happened to be at the end of a search where I had installed and uninstalled a bunch of sliders before this finding one that actually works and I was a little cranky. 🙂

    I am also really spoiled by the s2Member peeps – who I did eventually shell out a bunch of $$ to just because of the massive goodwill that they generated through their approach.

    Please don’t take offense to what I had to say – it’s just another opinion in a sea of many.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful response.

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