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  • Hey guys, the plugin looks nice but its not usable in the EU, especially in germany, because we are not allowed to send “spam” mails by law. “Spam” in this case means, using the wordpress mail function without double opt-in
    Here we can only send with a mailto: href, is it possible that u change it? Using ur plugin like it is will result in penaltys about 50.000,00 Euro. 🙁

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  • Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi @dfarin,

    Thanks for the message. I understand Germany’s laws are particularly strict about this.

    Technically Email Cart would only be sending emails as triggered by the user themselves to another user. It is the equivalent of one person emailing someone else and it’s likely to be a friend or colleague they are sending it to.

    If you’re using the Premium add-on and sending a pre-filled cart to a customer, again this is someone that is consenting to receive a message from you.

    I hope this makes sense and helps a bit!

    If there’s any specific details you can provide (ie. certain scenarios) that you’re concerned about I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability.


    Hey thanks for the fast answer, yes i konw how it works and thats what i try to explain. Because especially this is the problem, u use the phpmail function and dont let the user mail himself.
    This mail handling on my sever/wordpress is not allowed.
    The only thing u can do is giving the user a prefilled mailto: link. So the user has to mail by himself and from his computer. Email to a friend is forbidden by privacy law, in the way u do, here in germany.
    I will buy the premium, but i realy need one of the two options,
    1. Is giving the user just an mailto: link like:
    and then the users (or my) mail client pops up to send the mail,
    or 2. Enable the mailcart option just for special user groups like Admins and Staff that only the shop admins can send carts to users who need them.

    I realy know what u mean but it can hurt a lot if the mail is send from a friend but BY USING my servers mail function.


    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi Dennis,

    No worries, thanks for the extra explanation. It’s certainly a restrictive law.

    What I would recommend is using the Premium add-on and turn off the front end button, that way people cannot email to a friend but you will get the functionality to send to customers/people that are OK with it.

    The way it works at the moment is similar to how WooCommerce does it’s order emails. It all goes via WordPress’ sending function. We’d love to have it open up a normal mailto link but some of the data we need to put in the body would be a bit tricky to.

    I’ll raise this as a feature request though so can explore it thoroughly.

    Let me know if my suggestion suits your project!


    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    “I realy know what u mean but it can hurt a lot if the mail is send from a friend but BY USING my servers mail function.”

    Just responding to this bit again in particular. The emails will appear to come from the store, not the person sending. We cannot spoof the header to appear like it came from the sender themselves. This would be rejected by 90% of servers as it’s a common spam indicator.

    So in the header it looks like:

    FROM NAME: Your Store

    Hope this might help in some way!


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