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  • This looks great! The developer is good at describing how full featured and robust it is.
    Maybe it is.
    But I cannot figure it out. Instead of page like NavXT which has a clear page of customizations, I am supposed to figure out how to do it through a read me file with no examples.
    One reason i love WordPress is because I can get a lot of stuff done without having to figure out php and coding syntax.
    Like I said, it may be great. But the default output is ugly and I can’t change it.

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  • Plugin Author Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    This why I’m so hesitant to split features away from my framework and make them freely available to others to use how they wish — users who don’t understand the difference between a good/bad plugin and a plugin that’s simply not right for them. They rate plugins with 1 star based on the latter rather than on the quality of the work.

    Sorry, it just saddens me to see you rate any plugin, particularly one of mine, with a 1-star rating because it’s just not the right plugin for you. For others, it may be the right plugin, but seeing your rating may make them miss out on finding the perfect plugin for them.

    This script has been in development and use for over 5 years as a part of my theme framework and is in use in many millions of sites. The code is not buggy. It works exactly how it says it’ll work. There are clear instructions in the FAQ of how to add the plugin output to your theme. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the plugin.

    It simply doesn’t have the features you want, which the plugin never claimed to have. Yet, you gave a rating based on those features.

    Thanks for your response Justin! It actually helped me find the solution to a problem I was trying to resolve. The plugin is great, even for a non-techny WP user like myself.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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