• I was very excited about this plugin. I started using it, and it looked fine for my needs. Then I couldn’t add a payment gateway without paying $99 for their integration plugin. If you’re going to have a plugin that is targeting people who sell online courses, it should be noted up front that in order to sell a course a premium add on has to be added. I now have to work on uninstalling and finding another platform. I might have actually purchased if the company had been honest in the description in the first place.

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  • I have LifterLMS courses (products) that can be purchased with WooCommerce and didn’t need to buy anything extra to do it.

    Granted, I’m sending clicks directly to Woo and not (presently) using the Lifter Gateways. I have PayPal and Stripe available. Doesn’t give me the direct links to the courses for tracking who paid, automatic enrollments, etc. etc. But it does work. If my current pilot project gets off the ground, I’ll need to do something else.

    For subscriptions (not one time purchases) there is the need to manage those payments and that requires additional development.

    Personally, I don’t have a problem paying someone for helping me make money.

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    I don’t either, honestly. I just wish they’d been honest about it in the description. It was just really off putting to me. But, I appreciate your response.

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