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  • Elegant theme developers spend the majority of time on appearances, so this is a typical offering … more time should be spent on the infrastructure and support.

    It is an infuriating experience to need assistance … et is an all-male affair and they act like a gang. Increasingly so. I’ve been a customer for two years and I’m looking for the exit.

    The latest push by this company is for a ‘builder’ plugin which will strap your site down into proprietary codes … I have personal experience that ET does NOT stand by it’s products and will give you a headache if you get too close.

    Many many pr type folks say how wonderful elegant themes is … it is a nice looking straitjacket, yes, but the support is so horrible I wish I’d never heard of them.

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  • Plugin Author Mayur Somani


    Please note that this plugin has nothing to do with ET, except that the original icon font file is created by them. The plugin is independently developed by me. Please let me know if you have any issues related to the ‘plugin’. Thanks.

    PS: I request the WP team to delete this review as it has nothing to do with the plugin’s functionality. Thanks for the consideration.

    The ET experience continues. Mayur, your plugin relies on and directly promotes premium ET themes … yes, the experience you tout is relevant to would-be users. This plugin uses the ET name and encourages its use, and encourages a facile view of a very proprietary system. I am giving the review I wish I’d been able to read before getting involved with it.

    There is a disingenuous element here too, because you know I cannot otherwise give feedback to customers: ET keeps itself apart from WordPress except to use its platform and customer base. Developers should be somewhat in tune with and take some responsibility for what they are doing, or trust is further eroded.

    I request the WP team to observe that this is how the ET team works … shutting down comment through back channels to keep injured users from helping warn others. This is a COMMUNITY endeavor with many, many contributors and I see prioritizing privatization schemes as a violation of that effort.

    This is a bogus review by someone who has a personal grudge against Elegant Themes. Why was the plugin reviewed? Was it used? Why take two years to leave ET?

    It’s like seeing reviews for a cold air intake kit for a Ford truck, then giving the kit a 1-star review because you don’t like Ford even though the kit works beautifully.

    This plugin works great, does what it’s supposed to with no problems. No matter what someone thinks about ET or Divi in particular (and what does their builder plugin have to do with this? Why is that mentioned in this review?), this icon plugin deserves 5 stars.

    This is not a bogus review. I’m doing potential users a service, giving a point of view I wish I’d had before getting involved with ET altogether. This ‘free’ plugin is part of the ET ‘platform’ and its position here encourages and gives implicit sanction to that product.

    ET and its developers USE the non-profit WordPress community for personal profit … while using that unfortunate dynamic to be unresponsive to those same users.

    Mizagorn asks, “Why take two years to leave ET?” … while probably also knowing that ET is the Brea tarpits of themes. I’m trying to offer feedback, which is different than just herding users onto platforms for personal gain.

    Lord, watch out for the Black Helicopters!

    Thanks Mizagorn for exampling the conduct (ie, babbling your gedanken fantasies instead of exercising your mind and addressing some honest if hard-earned feedback). Of Randy can be said less, it is the general tone of dismissal you get from many techies and who cares.

    I originally gave a one-star because that is about all that can be done now to bring attention to a problem, as Elegant Themes is scamming the community ethos while hiding within a private commercial construct. Many folks have spent their talents and efforts to build a community that is simply treated as something to take advantage of.

    I am glad two other bros joined in to attack a beleaguered customer on behalf of abusive business practices, because it is a chance for customers to see what some techie-types really think about them. I am not angry for no reason.

    That all said, having offered my reasons, I’m capitulating on the 1-star review, because expecting developers to think about others or adhere to a social compact is clearly out of their competency zone. It isn’t fair to the plugin developer to rise above industry attitudes and take responsibility for his development choices as they affect the greater community.

    I did some testing within the ET framework, it doesn’t break things and didn’t give me the suffocating-in-perfume feeling that the premium product perpetrates. If you are sucked into the ET experience, trapped like a fly trapped in amber and being ritually slimed by their support … this plugin won’t make it worse.

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