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  • Hi, after creating my blog,, a joke blog that 2 of my friends and I own, lots of people told me that the theme is a bit “boring” or “dull” with the relaxation 3 column (edited a bit). So here I am, look to “hire” a kind and smart coder to help me code a cool theme. For “hire”, I mean you can set the price, but please don’t set it too high, because our 3 friends including me are each 13 years old. So basically, we can’t afford that much apart from having your really big link on our blog and pay you back when we make some money from adsense. I wouldn’t want to list the things I want as this project is up to you kind and friendly coders. However, if you really want to help us, I wish you can make it so I can easily have the items on my original sidebar on the new theme. In addition, try making the theme funny and cute, well, cos this is a joke blog!

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  • You should leave a contact address if you want people to contact you.

    The blog is not bad, I would not go digging into my pockets to pay people to make it look better, especially if you are still at school!

    Why not just ask what you need to do to make it better. Go to the theme releases forum and I’m sure you’d be helped there and the money you save could go towards something useful.

    Good luck.

    each 13 years old
    Oops. I don’t know about your place, but in my country nobody can enter in a contractual (=business) relationship with a minor. So, better listen to LLad 🙂

    Here’s some free advice: drop the Flash

    Maybe you should take a look at and see if your find something less “boring” / “dull”.

    Anyway, I’m not sure what’s wrong with your blog, – it looks nice.

    Wow, thanks for all your advice, but my friends think that it looks quite boring. Well maybe not boring for a personal diary, but definately quite dull for a humor blog. I’m not sure if I can post email addresses here but my email is
    “lmao at garglenrinse dot com” For the business relationship thing, I actually am using my name but my parents credit cards. Liverpool Lad, although I still can’t make money, but from the around 35 usd allowance per week, my friends and I can pay a little for our blog, if nobody is willing to do it free for us. Once again, thank you.


    what exactly are you looking to do?
    like, in what direction do you want the design to look like?

    do you have any ideas of you would like it to look? act? function?

    i might be willing to help with some designs I have on hand … some have been custom made .. and can reflect the character of your site.


    by the way; I have just become a member of the reFRESHing ideas Network … something exciting is about to happen and membership should be open to all very soon.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “reFRESHing ideas Network”
    A google of that finds …………. nothing.

    garglenr – be sure to check out all offers and ask for portfolios. Your money, your choice.

    Moshu is right, the law is pretty strict in the UK and you would need consent of the parents, or guardians.

    Ah, true, in England, but I’m in Hong Kong how great. Also, my parents know that and adsense checks are under my dad’s name so its ok. Also, I changed the theme to “ads minded” by some clever dude. I was just wondering if you guys think it actually looks better.

    I love that theme, garglenr – I’ve modded it up a bit and use it on coffeecancash . com – it’s very easy to customize too. Great choice!

    Except that at the time of the OP it was a totally different theme 🙂

    Oh I know that… I was referring to the new one… since that was his most recent post. 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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