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  • What im looking for i believe is simple.

    I want to make 2 templates based of my “page” template that i edited to have no sidebar.

    I want one template to include all posts from 1 category.

    I want the other template to include all posts from a different category.

    I know its kinda easy im just no good at php tags and all that.

    I can pay via paypal, just let me know what you expect to paid for the job and what info you need from me. Most likly my “page” template html and my category names.

    You can respond here.

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  • You can respond here.

    Please don’t. Instead, let’s have stevedmma leave contact info here so that you can respond off forums.

    @stevedmma – You might also consider trying the WordPress Jobs or the WP-Pro’s mailing list.

    Per “forum guidelines”, Section F, I am going to close this thread once contact info is provided. Anyone interested is quite welcome to use that information.

    i didnt want to make my info available for spammers, you can contact me through the contact form on my site.

    I also had no idea about that “jobs” site, that seems cool, i posted the ad there as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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