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  • Hey guys I’m mainly looking for advice on my WordPress site. I am looking to make some major changes to it including a complete refocus of the topic of the site. The website is This is my personal site and is currently focused on my Digital Art but I would like to expand it to also focus on my Domain Name Investing and make that likely the dominant topic as well. I wamted to ask a few questions before I started to tackle this though.

    Mostly I was wondering, how is my site currently, and is there anything you would suggest I do differently while I’m already making all the changes? (especially with Search-Engine-Optimization?). I’ve redone the site a few times so far and just want to make sure I get everything right, cause I’m really hoping this is the last time. Also I’m planning on adding a secondary blog to the site and I should be able to keep most of the permalinking thats been done already the same and all but the Page Titles will definately change. Would this be likely at all to affect Google Rankings short/long-term for keywords I currently rank for with just changes at the very end of each page title? And finally: At first I thought this would be very hard to do but now it seems to me all I really need to do is add the secondary blog, and change the homepage, navigation order, and titles mostly, would my evaluation be correct likely though? Is there anything I’m missing which might force me to redo the whole website or that I should redo it for.

    Thanks for your time!

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