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  • I am starting my own website/blog and would like to have a theme very similar to the website

    Does anyone know what template this is or if it was designed from scratch?

    Anyone know of a site that has a theme with all the options and very similar to [See link above]

    This is the general overall look I am trying to achieve and I have been searching for days on sites like themeforest, templatemonster, etc. with no luck.

    Any helps and feedback would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    If you haven’t already, look at the repository available here

    You can search by Tag Filters on options you want to carry through from your original website, e.g “gray” colour filter.

    I have searched on here as well at this link you provided but not finding anything similar to the layout as I had mentioned. I really like the layout of that site [see link above] and like the grid format with the blog posting. Anyone that can help me with identifying that theme or letting me know if its from scratch would be great. If the case that it is from scratch does anyone know of a site that has a theme like this with the option of having the layout in the type of way?

    Thanks in advance!



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    Thanks for the links but I dont think these resemble what I am looking for. Anyone else have any suggestions or know of sites that could have something similar to [see link above] ?

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    From what i can tell it is a very custom WordPress theme that he is using running WP3.5.1 might I add. I’m guessing it was one made from a pre-existing theme and then tweaked/tricked out to give it that look.

    It does look like a simple child theme that you can do from any of the ones that WPYogi suggested. I would try: Hey Cookie first and see how she coded the theme to get a better idea on how to achieve that Hardwick look you are after.

    So the overall look over at with how it has 3 blog posts across then 3 rows below that is what I am generally looking for. I cannot find a theme that has the option of having all the posts look like that. I am not sure if that is a grid format or what that is all about but every theme I have looked at so far has the typically post and comment and makes you scroll down the page to see more where I am wanting them to be horizontal like Does this make sense to anyone?
    Do most themes have the ability to be changed to this type of format? Is there a way to download that theme and tweak it for myself and change items around? Do I need to have it made from scratch by someone as I am not familiar with coding.

    Thanks for the advice and if I can get more feedback or chat to someone who knows more about it I would appreciate your time.

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Some themes are better suited for it than others if you want to modify an existing theme. Like many here on the forum will tell you make sure you create a backup and use a child theme if you want to proceed with modifying an existing theme.

    Like Andrew suggested try using the tag filter and try looking for three-column themes or you can attempt to create your own.

    Yes, most themes have the ability to be changed to that format; all it takes is some CSS knowledge. Unfortunately I doubt there is a way to download Chris Hardwicks’ site theme short of asking the theme developer for it. You can hire somebody if you would like but that would be entirely up to you. Keep in mind that most people here on the forums volunteer their time so I suggest you try: and it might yield a much better response.

    Hope it helps a little for you. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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