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    A while back, I made this theme. The idea, originally, was to start a Blog using it. But real life got in the way, and it probably will keep getting in the way for a while. So I thought, why not release the theme?

    Of course, the theme was made for my self, whit my tastes. It’s really simple, it has no custom menus, no fancy animations. But I kinda like it. Any ideas how to improve it to submit, functionalities I should add, etc? or should I just scrap it?

    Keep in mind I’m not a designer so any advice you have, however basic it may seem to you, could help me. 🙂


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  • Hello!

    Okay so since nobody else has responded, I thought I’d throw some of my initial thoughts into the comments –

    And just so I am clear – this is ALL meant to help you out. I am in no way whatsoever praising or downgrading your work!

    1. Line-Height of the body text just seemed too short. Increase it – give the text some room to breathe.
    2. Font-size of the body text also seemed off. Maybe bring it down a px or two.
    3. Gallery – You can’t tell which links are which unless you hover over them. That’s not a good User Experience…
    4. Column Width – if you have a wider screen like me, the body text gets awfully long. Maybe have a 3rd column on the right, and sandwich the body text between the two? Just saying…

    Anyways, I hope that helps you with some direction to go and maintain/enhance it!

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    Thank you, Connor, your suggestions were really helpful, especially 3 and 4. Thanks for taking the time to help out. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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