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    Hello everyone,

    I am building an app from a website and for obvious reasons, I can’t be very specific about what it is but I need help finding the right plugins.

    I have to say I am very new to this and even with websites but I got this job going and I want to do it and I am sure I can do it.

    I work with Elementor and Astra to build this and later Appmysite to build the app.

    It is going to be a paid app that allows people to post stuff, and here is where I am a bit lost, what kind of plugin do I need to allow people to post stuff or multiple entries, sort of classifying types.

    Also, I want the subscribers to fill out a profile form (login, sign up with (choices of email, facebook, etc), lost password, even with a photo, descriptions, etc.
    One of the requirements I need is to insert a document, to avoid scammers or potential frauds and to protect the users who will be able to see the site for free and get stuff from the subscribers. Is this another type of plugin?

    I can find subscriber registration plugins but I am not sure which one to use, I am looking for one friendly to use, and I know that I might have to pay.

    So, I need I guess two plugins, one for paid subscribers and one for adding classifies or anything similar.

    Thanks, AJ

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  • Hi there,

    You can use WooCommerce and it’s Subscriptions extension to offer this. You’d just need to configure it so that active subscribers have the Author or Editor user role. This is mentioned in the documentation here.

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    @jameskoster thanks buddy, but I can’t see how that will work on my project, it looks like it’s more for actual stuff to sell, I am allowing people to offer things they can do, not actual physical things. I am looking at Classima and its look is could be the right one but the issue of paying for the app isn’t available or as a one-time subscription, I will keep researching.
    Thanks for your tip!!

    Perhaps I misinterpreted your original post. It sounded like you want visitors to be able to pay to sign up at your site, and that paid subscribers are then able to publish posts and so on. Is that not the case?

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    @jameskoster, sorry, it’s a bit difficult to explain without giving out the idea.
    Ok, visitors can download or visit my site for free; now, subscribers need to pay in order to publish posts. The subscriber can have a profile where visitors can read what they offer. I hope I made sense.

    In that case my recommendation fits perfectly.

    The Subscriptions extension allows you to configure the user role that is applied to paid subscribers. You can therefore ensure that anyone with an active subscription has an Author role, and is able to publish posts.

    > The subscriber can have a profile where visitors can read what they offer.

    This is built in to WordPress core, check out author archives, IE

    The only piece missing so far as I can see is a more elaborate registration form. But since the Subscriptions extension will require visitors to check out in order to process their payment, you can use one of the other WooCommerce extensions to customise that experience and add the fields you need.

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    @jameskoster Sounds all good James, that’s a lot of good information, I will get on that now, thank you very much, AJ

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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