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  • Hello everybody, I am hoping the community can offer some suggestions to me. A client of mine (elementary school) is having their site redesigned. One of there biggest complaints about their current WordPress site is teachers have a difficult time adding new photos. They have made it clear that photos should be a top priority for the new site.

    I currently have them setup with NextGen Gallery, but they find it difficult. Reason for NextGen was to allow them to have a gallery page but they could also insert galleries into blog posts. They found the plugin to be confusing though.

    They also say that it is too slow, though I assume that is because the photos are coming direct from the camera without being resized since they don’t have Photoshop (or understand it).

    They want all the teachers (15+) to add photos on a regular basis, so it needs to be as easy as possible.

    I have thought about maybe using flickr or picasa along with a plugin.


    Was hoping someone might have a suggestion for the easiest way of tackling this. The people doing this are definitely beginners, so it needs to be simple.

    To sum up what I am looking for:
    – Easy way to have clients add photos to site.
    – Am fine with it only working with posts, I can make a gallery page based on a category slug.
    – Anyway of having photos resized to speed up upload?
    – Should I use Flickr or picasa and if so, can you suggest a plugin?

    This community has helped me a ton over the last few years and I appreciated any help I can get on this matter.


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  • I would recommend using Nextgen Resize. It will resize the pictures on the fly and also you could apply resize over an entire gallery.

    For the other questions maybe another member could be more helpful than I am.

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